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Naamir. KKJ Leander Oh

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OrganisatieeenheidPlantenecologie en Natuurbeheer
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I am a PhD candidate in the Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation (PEN) group, supervised by Dr. David Kleijn and Dr. Jeroen Scheper. I am currently researching the effectiveness of wild pollinator conservation within a European context.

Background: Wild pollinator declines have been linked to land use and management change, such as agricultural intensification and the abandonment of extensive agricultural land. In Europe, 9% of bees, 9% of butterflies, and between 10-20% of hoverflies are considered threatened.

Traditionally, pollinators are conserved through the use of pollinator-friendly management of green linear elements (hedges, ditches, roadside verges, etc.); the sowing of wildflower strips; extensive grassland management; and promoting organic farming.

During my PhD I will explore the effectiveness of biodiversity offsetting (natuurcompensatie) as a conservation method for pollinators, and the impact of real-world applications of pollinator conservation methods across Europe. My research aims to contribute to the reversal of European pollinator decline and provide a comprehensive framework for pollinator conservation.

Photo: Image of a hoverfly (zweefvlieg) resting on the leaf of an ivy plant (Hedra helix)

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