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OrganisatieDepartement Plantenwetenschappen
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I graduated as MSc in Agricultural Development from Copenhagen University with a thesis on the agroecology and value chain of Guatemalan cardamom, involving three months of independent fieldwork. The focus of my studies was on agroecology, plant-soil interactions, value chains and anthropology. I am fascinated by the complexity of food systems and the links between their parts.

Currently I work as a PhD researcher in the LandLessFood project at Thünen Institute of Organic Farming, which provides policy advice to the German ministry of agriculture.  LandLessFood aims to build a circular food system transforming organic residues into food and high-quality organic fertilizer during a two-step process involving edible mushrooms and earthworms.  My role is to study the potential of raising earthworms as human food, using spent mushroom substrates as feedstock. Due to their high nutritional value and medicinal properties, edible mushrooms and earthworms have high potential for future human nutrition.

In my free time I enjoy rock-climbing, yoga and parkour as much as reading a good book, cooking with friends or taking care of my small botanical garden.

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