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Originally, I started my career as a professional forester, before I completed my Bachelor's in International Environmental Management, and each a Master's in International Development Assistance, and Management and Information Systems. After spending time living and working in Latin America, East and West Africa, and the US, I have settled with my family of four in Switzerland. For the last roughly nine years, I have worked at the intersection of agricultural sustainability and multinational businesses both from an NGO and a private sector perspective. Today, I am working with Mondelez International on its cocoa sustainability program called 'Cocoa Life'. Through this work, I developed an interest in researching how human rights due diligence regulation impacts multinational businesses and - vice versa - how action by the private sector determines if human rights due diligence regulation creates its intended impact. My provisional research subject at Wageningen University is called: “Action and Impact through Business Human Rights Due Diligence Legislation.”.

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