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Hayley received her master’s in Medical Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Amsterdam. She was the project coordinator for the ChemicalYouth project, (ERC grant with Prof. Hardon as lead investigator, where she performed editorial, communication, financial and managerial support. She was also a researcher for the project, where she was able to engage with and nurture her interests of substance use, harm reduction, and risk practices of young people. Her interest in applied and qualitative research has led her to carry out projects with young people who take drugs in several European cities, exploring peer-to-peer practices and risk behaviours at music festivals and clubs. Her various ethnographic fieldwork with young drug takers has directed her towards the article-based PhD trajectory.

She joins WUR with Anita Hardon, chair of the Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation group, where she will continue to support her in her quest to boost inter- and multidisciplinary research in the group.

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