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Ms. Nadine Bader holds a MSc in Public Health Nutrition and has been working as a Nutrition Expert in the GIZ "Securing Nutrition, Enhancing Resilience" (SENU) project India since 2018. She focuses on the project’s nutrition-sensitive, integrated approach which links Social Behaviour Change-driven Nutrition Education with a Community Nutrition Garden initiative to improve the nutrition situation of women of reproductive age and young children. With a particular interest in researching Social Behaviour Change, she pursues a PhD on the Positive Deviance approach to leverage local and community-driven solutions to malnutrition at the Wageningen University, Netherlands. Considering nutrition outcomes as an integral part of a food systems approach, she initiated work with colleagues to integrate food systems and agroecology in an analytical framework to enhance synergies and collaboration between projects in the Cluster “Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity” of GIZ India. In her past work experience with a Germany-based research group on sustainable diets, she published several research articles and developed and facilitated student programmes at German universities.

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