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I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Wageningen University, as part of CIFOR's global comparative study on REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, plus enhancing forest carbon stocks in (sub)tropical non-annex 1 countries). My research focuses on the role and options of national forest monitoring for REDD+, with particular emphasis on remote sensing technologies, national capacities & circumstances, and drivers of deforestation.


I hold a master degree in International Land & Water Management from wageningen University, specialising in interdisciplinary research of land management and development issues, with a minor in remote sensing and geo-information science.

Special interests are spatial analysis of land use change dynamics, natural resouce management, and the interaction between technology and the broader socio-economic context in developing countries.

I also like to explore ways to visualise and present scientific data to a wider (non-scientist) audience, because bringing science ‘to life’ is an important aspect of being an applied scientist.

Check out this story map, developed for an international data visualisation competition, that illustrates the role of forests in feeding the world.

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The Global Comparative Study on REDD+ (GCS REDD+)

The GCS REDD+ project, led by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), builds on 20+ years of research to understand the causes of deforestation and forest degradation as well as to explore what can be done to reverse those trends in tropical countries. We are currently in the third phase, which focuses on the assessment of policy design and actual impacts of REDD+ policies and measures as a basis to achieving results in the broader context of landscape management, livelihood objectives and equity considerations. The project focuses on 7 target countries: Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Guyana, Indonesia, Peru, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Within this project, the Laboratory of Geo-Information and Remote Sensing leads the module on forest and carbon emissions monitoring. The research in this module aims to improve procedures and practices for estimating and monitoring carbon stocks of tropical forest landscapes to support better and more cost-efficient measurement and monitoring systems and institutions for national and sub-national REDD+ programmes. In addition, we aim to provide better data and assessments on mitigation policy options and the role of forests in setting country targets and planning mitigation activities in the broader land use sector.

  • GRS-10306 - Introduction Geo-information Science
  • GRS-60312 - Remote Sensing and GIS Integration
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