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Trust is the prime focus of the research of Jasper de Vries. Jasper is a spatial planning and communication scientiist working as assistant professor at the Strategic Communication group of Wageningen University. In his research he focusses on the dynamics of trust in interaction in the domain of environmental governance, nature conservation, and agri-food value chains. 

Jasper is specifically interested in how different forms of trust develop and interrelate in interaction for environmental change. In these contexts he takes a dynamics perspective on trust, focussing on how trust develops over time, influencing and being influenced by interaction and its wider social-environmental context. 

These interactions more and more take place online or are mediated by digtial techniques. Understanding the consequences of ditial menas for trust relations, e.g. between value chain acotrs, is therefore central to understanding trust in present day interactions. 

His research is located in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. As PI and work package leader in different European projects, he is experienced in studying these type of issues in contexts of water governance, contested land use, and nature conservation. De Vries is experienced in conducting research in close collaboration with partners from civil society, business and government, organizing trans-disciplinary workshops and learning events. Jasper de Vries holds a PhD in land use planning and strategic communication from Wageningen University. 


Joffre, O. M., De Vries, J. R., Klerkx, L., & Poortvliet, M. (2020). Why are cluster farmers adopting more aquaculture technologies and practices? The role of trust and interaction within shrimp farmers' networks in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Aquaculture523, [735181].

de Vries, J. R., van der Zee, E., Beunen, R., Kat, R., & Feindt, P. H. (2019). Trusting the people and the system. The interrelation between interpersonal and institutional trust in collective action for agri-environmental management. Sustainability (Switzerland)11(24), [7022].

Agyekumhene, C., de Vries, J. R., van Paassen, A., Macnaghten, P., Schut, M., & Bregt, A. (2018). Digital platforms for smallholder credit access: The mediation of trust for cooperation in maize value chain financing. NJAS - Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences86-87, 77-88.

de Vries, J. R., Aarts, N., Lokhorst, A. M., Beunen, R., & Oude Munnink, J. M. E. (2015). Trust related dynamics in contested land use: A longitudinal study towards trust and distrust in intergroup conflicts in the Baviaanskloof, South Africa. Forest Policy and Economics50, 302-310.



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  • CPT-12306 - Introduction to Strategic Communication
  • CPT-25806 - Tourism Development & Planning
  • CPT-30503 - Data Science Ethics
  • CPT-32806 - Change, Inter-human Processes and Communication
  • CPT-71324 - MSc Internship Strategic Communication
  • CPT-79524 - MSc Research Practice Strategic Communication
  • CPT-81324 - MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
  • CPT-81330 - MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
  • CPT-81336 - MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
  • ESA-10309 - Environmental Sciences and Society
  • SGL-34306 - Pyrogeography
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