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Pascal Frank works as assistant professor in ‘Teaching and learning for the development and unfolding of human potential for sustainability’ (tenure track) at the Education and Learning Sciences group of Wageningen University & Research. He holds a B.A. (cultural sciences) from the Fernuniversität Hagen/Germany, an M.A. (ethics, responsibility, and development) from the University of Fribourg/Switzerland, and an M.Phil. (history, philosophy, and sociology of science, technology, and medicine) from the University of Cambridge/UK. He received his Ph.D. from Leuphana University Lüneburg/Germany, working on "developing affective-motivational competence within education for sustainable consumption through self-reflexive learning activities". He visited Arizona State University and Stanford University as a postdoctoral researcher and later worked for the German Environment Agency, building up an international academy for transdisciplinary learning and collaboration on sustainability-related topics.

Pascal's research is dedicated to the inquiry of inner worlds related to sustainability. In essence, it is guided by three major questions: (1) how we can define inner worlds and competencies related to inner worlds that are needed for engaging in sustainability-related learning and action, (2) how we can methodically and systematically access inner worlds, and (3) how it is possible to explicitly address and cultivate inner worlds in education and transdisciplinary collaboration. His research revolves around mindfulness practices, intrapersonal sustainability competences, and inner development goals. In his teaching, he draws upon his research findings and designs experiential learning landscapes in which learners can systematically observe and transform inner worlds.

In addition to his academic work, Pascal is a certified systematic transformation consultant, Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher, as well as a movement practitioner.

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