Naamdr. FA de Wolf

Omschrijvingsenior scientist & project leader designer proteins and responsive materials
OrganisatieWageningen Food & Biobased Research
OrganisatieeenheidBBP Bioconversion
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2017-present:  Senior scientist & project leader designer proteins and responsive materials, at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, BU Biobased Products. See also: possibilities for contract current possibilities for contract research

2008-2017:  Manager bioconversion, at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, BU Biobased Products

1999-2008:  Scientist & project leader recombinant protein-based polymers, at Wageningen UR

1993-1999:  Junior scientist industrial proteins and recombinant gelatin at ATO-DLO, Wageningen.

1988-1999:  Post-doc biochemistry of membranes, at Utrecht University / Dutch Cancer Fund KWF-Kankerbestrijding.

1983-1987:  PhD photosynthetic electron transfer & energy transduction, at Free University Amsterdam

1982:  Teaching degree sixth form / high school biology

1979-1982:  MSc biology (genetics, cellular immunology, medical physics)

1978-1980:  Teaching assistant, at University of Amsterdam

1975-1978:  BSc Biology with physics, at University of Amsterdam


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2019 – 2022: TKI-Agrifood 18030 - PROSPEC (~1 M€). Funded by TKI & six industries(NL, UK, DE, NO). Enzymatic modification of pectin & chitosan from side streams into home / personal care and other ingredients.

2017 – 2021: EU-BBI demo project 745785 – URBIOFIN (WFBR: ~1 M€). Conversion of organic municipal solid waste (OMSW) into poly(hydroxyalkanoate) (PHA), bioethylene and fertilizers. WFBR tasks: (1) conversion of volatile fatty acids to PHA with medium chain length fatty acids, and (2) development of PHA-containing materials.

2017-2020: NWO ECHO project POLICE; PhD, with prof. I. K. Voets (Eindhoven University of Technology). Development of novel antifreeze proteins.

2012-2016: NanoNextNL project 07A.03 Self-assembling materials from biosynthetic stimulus-responsive protein polymers; PhD, with dr. R. J. de Vries (Wageningen University & Research). Development of protein polymers with heterodimer-forming blocks.

2015: Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) project on antimicrobial peptides; PhD, with dr. R. J. de Vries (Wageningen University & Research) and prof. O. Franco (Catholic University of Brasilia).

2011-2016: ERC Advanced Grant 267254 “BioMate” (WFBR: ~0.7 M€), several PhD’s, with prof. M. A. Cohen Stuart (Wageningen University & Research). Development and characterization of stimulus-responsive block copolymer proteins self-organizing into supramolecular nanostructures.

2010-2014: NWO-Top project, several PhDs, with prof. M. A. Cohen Stuart (Wageningen University & Research). Nucleation and growth of nanofibrils from silk-inspired triblock copolymeric proteins.

2009-2013: FOM-BRM project; PhD, with prof. M. A. Cohen Stuart (Wageningen University & Research). Dual-responsive supramolecular networks from asymmetric triblock copolymeric proteins.

2005-2010: B-BASIC projects OPTICOL, EXPANDS and PROPOLY (~3 M€); among else, three PhD’s, with prof. G. Eggink (Wageningen University & Research). Development of novel stimulus-responsive, self-assembling block copolymeric proteins.

2005-2009: EU FP6 project 516961 BASE (WFBR: ~0.7 M€). Pilot scale production system for self-assembling small peptides.

2004-2012: Two POAC projects; two PhD’s, with prof. J. C. M. van Hest (Radboud University Nijmegen) & prof. H. Zuilhof (Wageningen University & Research). Elastin-inspired protein polymers.

2003-2014: DPI Projects 414 (FITAPEP), 602 (COLLASOM) and 698 (SYNPROT); three PhD’s, with prof. M. A. Cohen Stuart (Wageningen University & Research). Development of DNA-binding proteins, rheology of recombinant gelatin, development of silk-inspired nanofibril-forming proteins.

2002-2004: EET Pepticoat project (WFBR: ~0.6 M€) Development of putative antifouling proteins.

2002: Project with FibroGen (~0.3 M€) Recombinant gelatin production.

1998-2002: SEO project (~0.8 M); PhD, with prof. C. Laane (Wageningen University & Research). Recombinant collagen production.

1995-2001: Several projects (~2 M€) with FUJI Photo Film, Recombinant gelatin development.

1995: Project with Plukon (~0.7 M€). Processing of feather keratin.

1993-1997: IOP Industrial Proteins. Natural gelatin structure-function relationships.

1993-1994: project with Friesland Campina (~2M€). Caseinate applications.

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