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Sabina Super is a lecturer and researcher at the chair group Health and Society. She obtained her PhD degree in 2017 on a research project focusing on the role of sports participation in the personal development of socially vulnerable young people. Currently she is working on several research projects that focus on people’s capacity to cope with stressful or challenging life events (such as poverty or disease). Most of her projects include vulnerable groups such as children in youth care, people with a low socio-economic status or multi-problem families. Her work is inspired by the salutogenic model of health.

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Youth, Care and Sport

Background: Sport participation has been associated with improved life prospects such as academic performance and employability prospects. As such, promoting sport participation might be a way to increase life prospects, especially for socially vulnerable youth because they are less physically active than their peers. However, the evidence for the causal effect of sport participation on these outcomes is still limited and little is known about factors that play a role in this possible effect. The aim of this project is four-fold. First, the causal effect of sport participation on life prospects is studied and the underlying mechanisms of this relation are explored. Secondly, the life experiences of the youngsters in the sport context, that may contribute to skill development, are studied. Thirdly, social conditions for a positive effect are explored, as sport is likely to have a positive effect under specific conditions. Fourthly, this study aims to provide insights on the elements of successful partnerships between youth care organisations and local sport clubs.


  • HSO-10806 - Introduction to Health and Society
  • HSO-31306 - Systematic Reviews in Health and Society
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