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Jos Molthoff was born in March 21st 1964 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. He finished secondary vocational education in Breda(1983), specialization Floriculture and Flower arrangements. He continued at Larenstein to study microbiology, specialization molecular biology.

After fulfilling his duty as Sergeant at the Royal Dutch Land forces he started working as a technician at the Institute for Plant Pathological Research (IPO) in Wageningen in the Group of Cees Waalwijk. Working on Bacillus thuringiensis toxins, isolating protease producing genes. Characterization of proteins and antibodies against Potato Leaf Roll Virus proteins.

In May 1993 he started working at Plant Research International in Wageningen in the group of Willem Stiekema. Co-expression of antibodies in plants, and human glycosylation of plant produced proteins. In cooperation with Arnaud Bovy he studied the flavonoid pathway in tomatoes using Micro-Arrays and qPCR as important tools.

In 2005/2006 he made a switch to RIKILT to learn more about micro-arrays and qPCR techniques in the group of Jaap Keijer. He used these techniques to study the role of O-3 unsaturated fatty acids. He studied the important pathways who play a role in diets.

In 2007 he went back to PRI in the group of Arnaud Bovy to study low and high propanoid pathways in combination with different ripening stadia in tomato fruits. He produced a database containing the expression profile of 1500 plant transcription factors on 11 tissues of Tomato Money Maker.

He studied the influence of the MYB12 transcription factor on pink Tomato fruits. Nowadays he involved in many projects.

In these projects he learned different gene isolation techniques as SMART-RACE and Genome Walking, marker technologies such as CAPS, SCAR and KASP. In addition he learned about Biochemical techniques as GC/MS and HPLC.

Currently he is participating in new techniques as Crispr Cas  and Non-invasive phenotyping technique development in tomato.

A new interesting crop for the Quality group of Arnaud Bovy is Pepper. Making an inventory of peppers on measuring weight loss and volatiles studies.

The newest interest is sprout vegetables (Microgreens) in vertical farming.

He assisted supervising plant practicals as Plant Breeding and Analysing the quality of Apples.

He guided many international students and PhD’s.

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Practical: Plant Breeding - Crossing peas according Mendel - Heridability - Breeding Game

Practical: Analyzing the quality of Apples


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