NaamIr JM Bos

OmschrijvingExtern medewerker
OrganisatieDepartement Maatschappijwetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidRurale Sociologie


Jacqueline (Mirjam) Bos is a graduate (Ir) from Wageningen University in both fields of Agricultural Economics and Development Economics. She currently works on completion of her PhD thesis under the auspices of WASS (Wageningen School of Social Sciences) and promotores Prof. Dr Bettina Bock and Prof. Dr Peter H. Feindt.

Her main research topics include:

(1) objectification and emerging technologies in livestock farming (published article in Food Ethics, co-authored with Dr Bernice Bovenkerk, Prof. Dr Peter H. Feindt and Dr Ynte K. van Dam, see link:;

(2) concept development for agro-food products in the intermediate segment through the lens of dynamic boundary objects and discourse;

(3) sustainability agreements between agro-food supply chains and limiting conditions in the market due to competition law (published article in Animal Frontiers, co-authored with Dr Henk van den Belt and Prof. Dr Peter H. Feindt, see link:

She published in 2016 a report ‘Digitalisering van Dieren’ (in Dutch) for the Rathenau Institute in The Hague (co-authored with Dr Ir Geert Munnichs), see link:

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