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DescriptionExterne medewerker
OrganizationWageningen Environmental Research
Organization UnitSustainable Soil Use


Arjan (Jan Adriaan) Reijneveld first studied animal husbandry and agricultural business administration at the Agricultural College (BSc-certificate 1992). Then, he started at Wageningen University (WUR) to study Soil, Water & Atmosphere, specialization soil fertility & plant nutrition,  and soil biology  (MSc in 1995). He worked at the Department of Soil Science and Geology of WUR (grain size determination by laser diffraction), and at the Nutrient Management Institute (NMI; validation of a nitrogen-flow model). He subsequently worked as scientist nutrient flows at Plant Research International (PRI) at WUR. He was member of the project team of the experimental farm ‘De Marke’, responsible for the collaboration between Institut Technique de Cereals et Fourrages (ITCF, France) and the PRI Agrosystems group in the Netherlands, and he was also responsible for soil fertility within the Dutch nitrate project ‘Cows and Opportunities’. He thereupon became senior product manager fertilization (soil quality) at Eurofins-Agro. An intermediary position which involves contacts with farmers, advisors, researchers, and policy makers. Implementing fertilization recommendations based on the intensity, buffering capacity, quantity concept into agricultural practice has been a major topic in the last years. He is member of several committees for fertilization recommendations.HehH Mainly besides his regular duties he started to work on his thesis and in 2013 he finished his PhD study ‘unravelling changes in soil fertility of agricultural land in the Netherlands’. In 2014 he joined missions to Cambodia (Climate Adaptive Approach for Food Security), Argentina (cross over between soil fertility, soil tests and water management), and Georgia (support and consultation mission for the LEPL Agricultural Scientific Research Centre), and in 2015 to Saudi Arabia. He coordinates several field trials, among others in Poland, where soil and crop relationships are studied   (Arjan Reijneveld, February 2016)

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