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DescriptionAcademic Coordinator Entrepreneurship
OrganizationDepartment of Social Sciences
Organization UnitEducation and Learning Sciences
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  • Jury Marina van Damme scholarship - University Fund Wageningen
    Jun 2021 - Present

    University Fund Wageningen established the Marina van Damme Fund in 2017. The objective of the Marina van Damme Fund is to support talented female (beta) alumni who have graduated and/or promoted at Wageningen University & Research in taking the next step or turning point in their career. The grant consists of an amount of 9,000 euros and is intended for deepening or broadening knowledge or an international orientation in the form of a study, internship or project. The scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2018. I am on the jury that selects candidates and awards the grant.


I am ambitious, curious and entrepreneurial. I have done my PhD on competencies for sustainable entrepreneurship and I am currently the academic coordinator of entrepreneurship at Wageningen University. This enables me to combine my analytical capacity, my creative thinking and my knowledge about sustainable ventures and entrepreneurial learning. I am at my best when I work in a dynamic team and I can easily adapt to a changing environment. My goal is to build bridges between business, science and education, with a specific focus on sustainability.

Did you know we want 80% of our students to have been in contact with entrepreneurship by the end of 2022?  

In my current role as academic coordinator entrepreneurship I am looking for ways to achieve this goal. We offer students various flavours of entrepreneurship, focusing on developing a sustainable entrepreneurial mind-set. In the Bachelor, Master and PhD, several courses are offered to students and young researchers. In addition we provide all kinds of extra-curricular activities at the Starthub. I make sure that we keep developing our entrepreneurial educational activities, provide supervision and guidance for students enrolled in the designated entrepreneurship tracks and create an entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus.

Furthermore we strive to do all kinds of (research) projects that focus on entrepreneurship education, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the implementation of innovative entrepreneurial tools. See the header projects for current projects. We work closely together with the 4TU, Centre for Engineering Education, Food valley, AMS, Climate KIC, Strategic Alliance Eindhoven-Utrecht-Wageningen and of course within our own university with chairgroups across campus. 

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ABBEE - Bio-economy Eduction

INTRINSIC - Entrepreneurial mind-set for life science universities

Climate KIC - Living business cases in the circular economy

  • BMO-22706 - Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • BMO-55806 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies
  • BPE-37306 - Economy and Management in Biotechnology
  • ELS-66100 - Developing Entrepreneurial Agency: from ideas to impact
  • ELS-67700 - Pursuing and Realising Entrepreneurial Projects
  • ELS-70224 - MSc Internship Education and Learning Sciences
  • ELS-70424 - MSc Internship Education and Learning Sciences
  • ELS-70724 - MSc Internship Track Entrepreneurship
  • ELS-70824 - MSc Internship Track Entrepreneurship
  • ELS-78324 - MSc Research Practice Education and Learning Sciences
  • ELS-78424 - MSc Research Practice Track Entrepreneurship
  • ELS-79324 - MSc Research Practice Education and Learning Sciences
  • ELS-79424 - MSc Research Practice Track Entrepreneurship
  • ELS-80424 - MSc Thesis Education and Learning Sciences
  • ELS-80436 - MSc Thesis Education and Learning Sciences
  • FHM-31806 - Biotechnology 2
  • YMS-31803 - Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • YMS-31903 - Entrepreneurial Skills
  • YMS-32306 - Professional Profile
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