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DescriptionResearcher / Project manager
OrganizationWageningen Research
Organization UnitWageningen Marine Research
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Marnix Poelman has worked on (inter-) national projects on aquaculture systems (shellfish and finfish) with a focus on sustainable and food safe production, multi-use of space and offshore potential. Life Cycle Assessment, food safety, sustainability indicators, circulair economy and by-product valorisation are some of his developed expertises. Currently, he is co-developing Blue growth ambitions for marine resources and multi-use settings.

Marnix Poelman MSc is a scientist at WR's Centre Wageningen Aquaculture (WMR) and focuses his research activities on the development and application of tools to improve and demonstrate sustainability in aquaculture. He has worked on national and international projects on aquaculture systems (shellfish and finfish) since 15 years with focus sustainable production. The last couple of years he has worked on a national level on the assessment of aquaculture in the open sea, sustainability of Recirculation Aquaculture Systems and organic Aquaculture principles. He works as recognized expert to governmental and private organizations as consulting expert in the field of sustainable aquaculture. He is currently managing national projects as responsible scientist and has participated in projects within FP6 (Biotox), and is currently participating in FP7 and H2020 projects, such as COEXIST, MERMAID, MARIBE, AQUAMED and Space@Sea. His key competence lies in the development and application of sustainability tools in aquaculture. Within the international frame work het has performed projects in Mauritania (implementation of shellfish food safety programs), Malaysia (crustacean food safety and BAP), Vietnam (monitoring effluent quality in relation to standard setting) (training of Fisheries food Safety to authorities) and Korea (pre-feasibility Metropolitan Food Clusters), Aquaculture Scoping mission (Bangladesh), Value Chain Assessment in Cambodia, and several other international scoping studies.

In present periods Marnix is active in the field of fish by product valorisation and Tetrodotoxin Research projects. Also he is thematic team leader for the Team Blue Growth, harbouring seaweed, fish and shellfish innovations in the offshore domain to support global food security ambitions.

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