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Naamdr. RJB Lubberink

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Ma Di Wo Do Vr
  • Thematic expert for NWO synthesis study - NWO
    mei 2020 - mrt 2021

    Earlier this year a Synthesis Study has been initiated within the Food & Business Research programme. For the second phase of this study we are looking for a thematic expert that is interested to contribute to an article focused on Scaling, based on results of a selection of research projects that were funded within the programme.


Rob Lubberink is a Postdoctoral researcher who is interested in the processes and practices that lead to entrepreneurial and (social) innovative solutions for socio-environmental challenges. The focus on entrepreneurial and innovative solutions for socio-environmental challenges was already evident in his PhD reseach. In January 2018, Rob succesfully defended his PhD thesis with the title: 'Responsible innovation in industry: learning from social entrepreneurship'.

Rob is currently managing the OSMARE research project where the research team investigates how: 1) the organisational structures of business models affect smallholders' entrepreneurial farming practices and 2) how the household and community dynamics affect individual entrepreneurial practices and vice versa. OSMARE focuses on the business models that have CSA integrated through the Vuna program. These business models are located in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. 

Rob Lubberink is interested in the everyday entrepreneuring of smallholders in rural communities. He acknowledges the fact that the concept of entrepreneurship predominantly emerged from a 'western' discourse, and that it is not one-on-one applicable in developing and emerging economies. Contributing to the knowledge base on entrepreneurship in developing and emerging economies therefore requires space for indegeneous theory.

That is also why Rob is eager to contribute to the course on 'entrepreneurship in emerging economies'. Furthermore, he is adopting practice theory as a lens in his research to create  space for inductive inquiry, and is active in a community of researchers looking at entrepreneurship as practice.

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Organisational Structures for SMAllholder REsilience (OSMARE)

OSMARE aims to understand how business models that integrate CSA interventions influence smallholder resilience in South-East Africa. This is a necessary endeavour since agri-food systems in Southern and Eastern Africa are undergoing rapid transformation driven by climatic changes, urbanization and changing consumer preference, which are often accompanied by socio-economic turbulence. Furthermore, as relatively weak actors in agri-food systems, smallholder farmers and their farmer organizations struggle to develop resilience.

  • BMO-55806 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies
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