Nameir. DC Klaver

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DescriptionAdvisor Governance & Rural Livelihoods
OrganizationWageningen Centre for Development Innovation
Organization UnitAdvisory
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    Mar 2022 - Present


I am a socio-economist and work as a researcher/programme evaluator, trainer, advisor and occasionally as a mentor or coach at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation. I have over 30 years of international experience in natural resource and agricultural sector governance; institutional and societal change; gender, social inclusion and rural livelihoods.

My recent portfolio includes 1) advisory on land and water governance, 2) advisory on gender mainstreaming in TVET programmes and land tenure, 3) scoping studies of agricultural sectors (palm oil, mango), 4) qualitative evaluations of lobby and advocacy programmes, both international and national/local and 5) being a member of advisory committees to advise programme implementors on M&E for lobby and advocacy programmes and the evaluation of these programmes

Clients and colleagues appreciate my analytical, conceptual and methodological competencies as well as my endurance to complete assignments: it is my personal curiosity to make sense of data and people’s experiences, be they client or course participant. My intrinsic motivation is to continuously learn about content matter, institutional contexts and drivers of change.

International experiences

Long term assignment in Mali, West Africa

Short term assignments in 

  • Africa - Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Burundi, Rwanda, Morocco, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Tanzania, Benin, South Africa, Congo Brazzaville, Ghana, Uganda, Tunisia.
  • In Europe - Italy, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey 
  • In Asia - Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
  • In Latin America  - Uruguay (internship)

Expert Profile
  • 1) Applied Research
  • 2) Design of projects and Multistakeholder processes
  • 3) Theory Based Evaluations
  • 4) Advisor conflict transformation, governance of natural resources
  • 5) Facilitator of change processes
  • 6) Trainer on many subjects (Action Research, Governance as a Multistakeholder process, Value Chain Analysis, Gender and Inclusive processes, Monitoring and Evaluation, Organisational Performance, Conflict Transformation
  • 7) French speaking

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