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Annet Pauwelussen is assistant professor with the ENP group, focusing on coastal resilience and inclusive marine governance, including changing notions of nature in conservation and restoration programs, particularly mangroves and coral and shellfish reefs. With a background in environmental anthropology and qualitative research methods, she combines elements of science and technology studies, political ecology, multispecies ethnography and feminist theory. The aim is to explore matters of equity and decolonization in environmental governance and knowledge practices, particularly relating to marine and intertidal places. In this context, she leads a project on diversity and gender in coral and mangrove rehabilitation for the Ocean Nexus program (2020-2022) with the University of Washington.

More broadly, Annet is interested in inclusive approaches and methodologies that are responsive to diversity; making room for relational thinking, indigenous ecologies and dialogue across epistemological and ontological difference. Focusing on Southeast Asia and Europe, her work engages with human-sea interactions, seafaring and seanomadic societies and lifeworlds, artisanal and illegal fishing, coastal restoration in relation to aquaculture, tourism and rural development, and mobile methods.

Annet graduated cum laude with the SDC group of Wageningen University with her PhD project ‘Amphibious Anthropology’. For this project, she conducted long-term ethnographic research among maritime communities in Indonesia to highlight different ways of relating to the sea. Annet holds a MSc degree (cum laude) in Development Sociology from Wageningen and a MA in Cultural Anthropology from Leiden University. In her previous positions, Annet was a Postdoc researcher with the Environmental Policy Group (WUR) working on inclusive business models in the certification of small-scale shrimp farms in Vietnam, and a lecturer with the Cultural Anthropology Department of Leiden University. Translating science to policy, Annet leads a project for the United Nations FAO on wellbeing and social-cultural values of small-scale fisheries with ENP colleagues, and she has worked for the North Sea Foundation as project leader Sustainable Food from the Northsea.

  • Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Indonesisch en redelijk begrip (lezen/verstaan) van Frans, Spaans en Sama-Bajau.
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Ocean Nexus: Diversity and Gender in Marine Nature Restoration (2020-2022)

 EURASTIP: Promoting Multi-Stakeholder Contributions to International Cooperation on Sustainable Solutions for Aquaculture Development in South-East Asia.

Amphibious Anthropology: Engaging with Maritime Worlds in Indonesia (2011-2017)

PhD research project funded by the WASS open competition for PhD research

  • AEW-32306 - Marine Systems
  • FNP-31306 - Communities, Conservation and Development
  • FNP-32806 - Science and Expertise in Nature and Environment
  • FNP-70424 - MSc Internship Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
  • FNP-70812 - BSc Internship Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
  • FNP-70818 - BSc Internship Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
  • FNP-79324 - MSc Research Practice Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
  • FNP-80424 - MSc Thesis Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
  • FNP-80436 - MSc Thesis Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
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