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Frederic Ang (°1986) has obtained a joint PhD at KULeuven and Hasselt University (Belgium) in 2015. After postdoctoral positions at the University of Reading and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, he is an assistant professor at Wageningen University since 2017. He analyses the performance of the actors in the agri-food sector from a production economics perspective. His topics of interest include sustainable intensification, dynamic optimisation behaviour and modelling of subprocesses.


Selected Honours and Awards

  • 09/2022-now: Member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Agricultural Economics
  • 2020: Best Referee Award 2019 of the European Review of Agricultural Economics
  • 01/2019-now: Expert for the OECD Network on Agricultural Total Factor Productivity and the Environment
  • 04/2019-now: Conference Programme Secretary of the Agricultural Economics Society (AES)
  • 04/2017-now: Member of the AES Executive Committee
  • 04/2016: AES Essay Prize Winner for "To mix or specialise? A coordination productivity indicator for English and Welsh farms" (competition for authors within six years of graduation, where the subject may deal with any aspect of agricultural economics)

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