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Naamdr.ir. HP Ritzema

OmschrijvingExterne medewerker
OrganisatieDepartement Omgevingswetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidWater Resources Management
Reguliere werkdagen
Ma Di Wo Do Vr
  • Editor - Mazovian Office for Regional Planning, Warsaw, Poland
    nov 2017 - Nu

    Scholarly Journal Mazovia Regional Studies

  • Guest Lecturer - International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic St
    feb 2017 - Nu

    Master of MAI-Bari Programme Land and Water Resources Management: Irrigated Agriculture

  • Editor - Elsevier
    mrt 2016 - Nu

    International Journal Agricultural Water Management

  • Member - International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
    mrt 2016 - Nu

    Working Group on Sustainable Drainage

  • Vice-Chairman - International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
    jul 2011 - Nu

    Working Group Sustainable Development Tidal Areas

  • Guest-Lecturer IHE Delft - IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
    jan 1900 - Nu

    Guest lecturer in the MSC programme Land and Water Development

  • Associate Editor - International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
    jan 1900 - Nu

    Journal of the International Commissionon Irrigation and Drainage


Henk Ritzema is a former Associate Professor at the Water Resources Management Chair Group of Wageningen University. He retired in September 2020. He obtained his MSc. in Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 1980. In 2009, he obtained his PhD “Drain for gain: making water management worth its salts” from Wageningen University and UNESCO-IHE Delft. He has thirtyseven years of experience in water management and hydrology for food and ecosystems. The first ten years he worked abroad: in Fiji (1980-1981), Kenya (1982-1983) and Egypt (1984-1988). In 1989, he joined Alterra-ILRI, Wageningen University and Research Centre at Senior Researcher involved in research, training and consultancy. In 2008, he jointed the Water Resources Management Group of Wageningen University. He is Editor-in-Chief of ILRI’s Publication 16 “Drainage Principles and Applications” and co-author of ILRI Publication 60 “Subsurface Drainage Practices”. He was programme leader in capacity building projects, including curriculum development, in Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Yemen. He was the co-ordinator of Alterra-ILRI’s regular training programmes and various regular and tailor-made courses held in the Netherlands (UNESCO-IHE) and abroad (e.g. in China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Tunisia and Yemen). He was research leader of programmes on the improvement of waterlogged and salt-affected lands in India, and coastal lowlands in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Consultancy activities on water management for food and ecosystems include missions to China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, The Gambia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Surinam, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. Henk Ritzema has published over 160 articles, books and reports and is a regular invited speaker at international conferences and workshops.




  • WRM-52302 - Agricultural Water Management: Water,- Society and Technology Interactions
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