Namedr. JJ Poos
FirstnameJan Jaap

Job details
DescriptionUniversitair docent
OrganizationDepartment of Animal Sciences
Organization UnitAquaculture and Fisheries
Side activities
  • Chair of ICES Training Group - ICES
    Oct 2018 - Oct 2021

    Chair commiittee that oversees training courses wtihin ICES network

  • Scientific Council North Sea foundation - Stichting de Noordzee
    Jan 2016 - Present

  • Subject editor ICES Journal of Marine Science - ICES
    Jan 2016 - Present

  • Chair ICES Training Group - ICES
    Oct 2018 - Oct 2021

    The ICES training group is responsible for all ICES training and courses


My research focuses on spatial aspects of the interactions between fish and fisheries. I work on population ecology of marine species and adaptation of fisheries to changing circumstances. Recently I studied the spatial distribution of plaice and the response of fishers to changing fuel prices.

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