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I did my MSc in Agricultural Engineering- specialization Animal Husbandry in 1997 (Instituto Superior de Agronomia- Lisbon Technical University). Thereafter I was grant holder at the Fac. of Veterinary Medicine where I worked with cloning xylanase genes from C. thermocellum for incorporating in the diet of mongastric animals. In 1998 I got a grant and went to Aberdeen University where I did a 1-year MSc in Animal  Production and did research on changes in the relationship between fetal size and organ development during pregnancy in the pig. Later I worked until January 2001 at the Montfort University in England where I looked at the effects of free radicals on sperm during liquid storage. In July 2001 I started a PhD at the Veterinary Faculty in Utrecht where I studied the effects of peroxidation processes in mammalian sperm. Thereafter and still within the molecular oxidative world I started a postdoc project at the VUMC where I looked at effect of oxidative damage on enthotelial cells of the blood brain barrier in the onset om muliple sclerosis. 

Due to a health situation I saw myself forced to quit my job as researcher. Due to misguidance of the social security body, I was left for 9 years in a 100% apt to work class, and where after dozens of job applications/interviews nothing was accomplished, specially when the words part-time have been mentioned.

Never give up, keep your hope is my moto...and so... 

Between 2018 and 2020 I worked at the Province of Flevoland as policy advisor on Invasive alien species and their threat to biodiversity. Here I dealt with both Netherlands and European regulations cooperating with several stakeholders and governamental bodies.

Per 1st June I started at the Adaptation Physiology Department as research and education officer.

Please, if you have questions do not hesitate to ask me!


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