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Sander (Alexander) is a postdoctoral researcher on the Horizon 2020 research project CONEXUS on assessing and co-creating nature-based solutions (NBS) in Latin American and southern European cities. He has a track record of research on urban governance of nature, forests and green infrastructure, while also bringing expertise in pathways to mainstreaming of nature-based solutions and co-creation processes. He is interested in understanding barriers and opportunities influencing urban nature innovations from a socio-ecological and socio-technical systems perspective. He is driven by an ambition to create more healthy, sustainable and inclusive cities benefiting the well-being of both people and wildlife. He takes great pleasure in working at the science-policy interface, which allows for the co-production of knowledge contributing to addressing current sustainability challenges. He was awarded with the Utrecht University's Pathways to Sustainability Award in 2020 for excellence in transdisciplinary research.

He previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University (Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development) on the H2020 NATURVATION project, as a social scientist at Forest Research in Edinburgh (UK) on the FP7 GREEN SURGE project and started his career as a research assistant at Alterra (WUR). He holds a PhD in environmental psychology (University of Aberdeen, The James Hutton Institute), an MSc (Distinction) in Social and Organizational Psychology (Leiden University) and a BSc in Psychology (Leiden University).

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CONEXUS will co-produce, structure and promote access to the shared, contextualised knowledge needed to support cities and communities to co-create nature-based solutions (NBS) and together restore urban ecosystems to help drive the required step-change in urban policy and practice in EU and CELAC countries.

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