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OrganisatieeenheidWater Resources Management
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Bibiana Duarte-Abadía is a political ecologist of water and an expert in participatory action research. She obtained her Ph.D. from UvA at CEDLA, in June 2021. Her Ph.D. research examined and compared the utopian thought that is embedded in the policies that define hydroterritorial planning and ordering processes in Spain and Colombia. She analyzed their impact on the transformations of these hydrosocial territories and the responses of social movements for both countries. She has a large experience working in community conservation programs, and projects for co-management and collective use of the high altitude wetlands of the colombian andes. This was thanks to her labor affiliation with the Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resource Research institute, IAVH. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Ecology from Javeriana, University, Bogotá, and a Masters's degree in International land and Water Management from the University of Wageningen. She currently works on two projects ‘River Commons’ and ‘RIVERHOOD’. Through these projects, she is supporting and linking the new water justice movements with young research scholars, ONG, and official institutions. 


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River Commons: The 5-years research programme is about understanding and supporting innovative river co-governance initiatives around the world, and thereby contributing to equitable policies and sustainable socio-ecological river systems.


Riverhood: is a 5-years project that will study, conceptualize and support evolving water justice movements that struggle for enlivening rivers.


Ph.D. Center for Latin American Research and Documentation (CEDLA). Humanities, faculty. University of Amsterdam. Sept 2015 – June 2021

MSc. International Land and Water Management, Wageningen (NL) Sept. 2010

BSc. Ecology, Pontificia Javeriana University, Bogotá (CO), Dec. 2005

Geographical Information Systems course, Pontificia Javeriana University, Bogotá (CO), Nov, 2005.

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