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Agnes Berendsen obtained her Bachelor in Nutrition & Dietetics in 2006. After working as dietician for several years, she decided to go to Wageningen to join the Master on Nutrition and Health. In 2010, she completed her Master by writing two theses on Nutritional Epidemiology & Public Health. Her PhD aimed at combating inflammageing by means of a one-year dietary intervention in an ageing European population including over 1,250 participants. In total, she works for over ten years at the division of Human Nutrition & Health from Wageningen University & Research. In the meantime, Agnes was also appointed as researcher at Rijnstate-Vitalys, Arnhem, the Netherlands, to implement nutrition research within the department of bariatric surgery. Agnes has expertise in studying nutrient adequacies and deficiencies in ageing populations by being part of the ILSI expert group focusing on the analysis of knowledge gaps between dietary requirements, intake, status and risks/benefits of adding macronutrients, micronutrients and specific food substances to foods. She has experience in setting up dietary intervention studies in humans. Additionally, she has analyzed large datasets among which the Nurses’ Health Study including over 130,000 participants, and collaborated in multidisciplinary and transnational projects. Besides research, Agnes has supervised numerous BSc and MSc students and she has been actively involved in teaching MSc courses.

Currently, Agnes is appointed as teacher and she mainly teaches epidemiology courses, both online courses as well as on campus courses. With respect to research, Agnes studies nutritional consequences of bariatric surgery, pregnancy outcomes of women after bariatric surgery and she also contributes to unraveling the mechanisms involved in weight-loss after bariatric surgery. Additionally, she studies associations between dietary patterns and health outcomes.


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There is a great need for a more personalized approach in healthcare and smart monitoring solutions to revolutionize healthcare and relocate care from the clinical to the home setting. In RECENTRE, we work with patients and citizens to empower people to play a leading role in their lifestyle and health within their own environment.  In collaboration with other technical universities, we will investigate how lifestyle and health of different organ systems can best be home-monitored in high-risk patients. Second, together with other 4TU partners, we will study how lifestyle and health of these individuals can be improved by means of targeted, individualized lifestyle interventions while using a defined set of home-sensors. 

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De Le-Do-Loop: een werkvorm waarbij studenten – én docenten - fluitend hoog cognitieve leerdoelen behalen.

De COVID-19 pandemie heeft het belang van kwalitatief goed online onderwijs onderstreept. Daarbij is gebleken dat het lastig is om leerdoelen op hogere cognitieve niveaus via online onderwijs te realiseren. Daarnaast is het van belang dat studenten vaardigheden ontwikkelen om zich zelfstandig nieuwe kennis eigen te maken. 

Met dit project willen we deze knelpunten aanpakken door het ontwikkelen, evalueren en implementeren van een nieuw didactisch concept: de ‘Leer-Doceer-Loop’, ofwel Le-Do-Loop.

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HNE28803 Introduction to Analytical Epidemiology

HNH-32903 Intermediate Analytical Epidemiology

HNH-33403 Advanced Analytical Epidemiology

HNH20503: Nutrition and Non-Communicable diseases: Cancer and Cardiometabolic Diseases

HNH31506: Analytical Epidemiology I

  • HNH31506 - Analytical Epidemiology I: Modelling in Nutrition & Disease Research
  • HNH32903 - Intermediate Analytical Epidemiology: Confounding and Effect Measure Modification
  • HNH33403 - Advanced Analytical Epidemiology
  • HNH38802 - Concepts and Methods in Epidemiology
  • HNH74724 - MSc Internship Nutrition and Disease
  • HNH74824 - MSc Internship Nutrition and Disease
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