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I work as a lecturer/researcher at the Cultural Geograhy Group. My research has mostly focussed on conservation tourism practices explored across various African and European destinations (e.g. Namibia, Kenya, Spain and Portugal). I am generally interested in understanding how associated tensions contribute to the formation of conservation landscapes, tourism practices, and wider socio-political relations. 

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Towards sustainable tourism practices in national parks (2021). A project commissioned by the Dutch National Parks Bureau to explore lessons learned to better govern tourism challenge in national parks. This has resulted into a guidebook of interesting approaches from across European parks. 


MOOC professional certificate Tourism in Transition: Exploring a Sustainable Future - in this online professional certificate program on Edx, learners around the world can engage on some of the pressing challenges in the ongoing development of tourism and its interrelationships with the economy, society and the environment. 

PhD project: Conflicts Forever (2014-2019).

In this project I explore the evolution and performativity of conflicts in the context of conservation tourism, a policy intervention that aims at local economic development and biodiversity conservation through tourism development.For more information and related publications, see here.

Erasmus Intensive Program European Wilderness Entrepreneurship (2013 & 2014)

organization of a wilderness entrepreneurship program with students from different European universities to think and design future landscapes of Western Iberia (Rewilding pilot area between Portugal and Spain).

WURKS NatureToGo (2013)

Educational collaboration between Wageningen University, Van Hall Larenstein and Helicon opleidingen to develop educational materials on nature entrepreneurship and tourism. Part of this WURKS project has been the development of the documentary 'Rewilding Europe-the case of Western Iberia' in collaboration with Copper Views. This introductory film prepares students to look at the multiplicity of users and views of a Rewilding pilot area. 12 edited interviews can be found in a dedicated youtube channel.

  • ESA-60312 - European Workshop Environmental Sciences and Management
  • GEO-11806 - Tourism: Principles & Practice
  • GEO-31806 - Tourism & Sustainable Development
  • GEO-57303 - Sustainable Tourism: Rethinking the Future
  • GEO-57803 - Introduction to Tourism and Society
  • GEO-70224 - MSc Internship Cultural Geography
  • GEO-70424 - MSc Internship Cultural Geography
  • GEO-79224 - MSc Research Practice Cultural Geography
  • GEO-79324 - MSc Research Practice Cultural Geography
  • GEO-80424 - MSc Thesis Cultural Geography
  • GEO-80436 - MSc Thesis Cultural Geography
  • GEO-80818 - BSc Thesis Tourism
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