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  • Raadslid - Wetenschappelijke Klimaatraad
    apr 2023 - nov 2026

    Raadsliid voor de Wetenschappelijke Klimaatraad

  • Editor for journal - Journal of International Water governance
    jan 2022 - Nu

    new journal, not much is happening yet

  • Redactielid Tijdschrift Water Governance - Tijdschrift Water Governance
    jan 2018 - Nu


Dr. Wieke Pot is assistant professor at the Public Administration and Policy Group at Wageningen University and member of the Netherlands Scientific Climate Council (Wetenschappelijke Klimaatraad). She is specialized in long-term governance in the fields of water management and climate change and graduated in public administration (cum laude MSc. Leiden University, Ph.D. Wageningen University & Research).

Before her academic career, Wieke worked for 6 years in the private sector and had project management, consultancy, and (interim) management roles at a range of public and private sector organizations (a.o. Boer & Croon, AkzoNobel). In her work, Wieke aims to increase understanding of what enables governments to make forward-looking and inter-generational decisions to prepare for climate change and contribute to sustainable and resilient societies. She is work package leader for three granted projects: the JPI Urban Europe project ‘CREATE’ about enhancing local governmental capabilities for a circular built environment, the NWA-ORC ‘RED&BLUE’ project on dealing with climate risks for a resilient infrastructure and real estate, and the NWO-KiC WaterScape project on transformations of water management and governance systems to ensure water quality, fresh water availability and resilience against extreme weather events. She also leads a colloquium on ‘time-sensitive and robust governance’ connected to the Netherlands Institute of Governance (NIG) and is part of the 4TU Resilience engineering programme ‘DeSIRE’.

In her research she works closely together with many societal partners, such as the Dutch Delta programme, water authorities, and infrastructure operators. She is editorial board member of the Dutch journal Water Governance and the International Journal for Water Governance and publishes in high-ranking interdisciplinary and public administration journals. Besides making an impact through teaching students, Wieke is strongly committed to engaging closely with practitioners. She seeks close collaboration with practitioners in research consortia, such as with municipalities in the Netherlands, Sweden and France, the Dutch Delta program, water authorities and real estate actors. To help senior public executives deal with long-term policy problems, she co-developed and teaches a two-day practitioner-course with the Netherlands School of Public Administration.

4TU Resilience Engineering: 

NGI colloquium on robust and time sensitive governance: 


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With projected increase in floods and drought it is apparent that the Dutch water system needs to change. In WaterScape we explore large scale spatial transitions in the physical and governance water system. In this project we explore, opportunities, challenges and conflicting interest between different land use and stakeholder groups to create a more climate robust water landscape for the future.


Real Estate Development & Building in Low Urban Environments: Within RED&BLUE, WUR aims to assess current law, planning, and policy mechanisms to understand how responsibilities for climate risk management are distributed and the way formal and informal rules are applied, changed and developed by actors that are dealing or confronted with climate risks.


CREATE supports urban transformation towards a circular economy by analysing material stocks in urban construction, developing future material flow scenarios, and establishing governance strategies. It focuses on large infrastructures like buildings, roads, and water systems. A trans-disciplinary consortium will combine quantitative modelling, qualitative research, and governance design. Existing tools will be improved and integrated with digitalisation technologies to inform decision-makers. Stakeholder engagement and co-creation will occur in three urban living labs and six fellow cities. Best practices and governance interventions will lead to tailored arrangements and an upscaling strategy for Europe

Knowledge for Climate 

Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving / Ligtvoet, W. et al. (2011). Een Delta in beweging: bouwstenen voor een klimaatbestendige ontwikkeling van Nederland, Den Haag.

Driessen, P.P.J., De Gier, A.A.J., Meijerink, S.V., Pot, W.D., Reudink, M.A., Van Rijswick, H.F.M.W., Schueler, B.J., Tennekes, J. & Termeer, C.J.A.M. (2011). Beleids- en rechtswetenschappelijke aspecten van klimaatadaptatie, Utrecht: Kennis voor Klimaat (ISBN: 9789490070458).

New Mixed Company, research project on the governance of the Dutch Mega Stable debate 

Termeer, C.J.A.M., Van Lieshout, M. Breeman, G.E. & Pot, W.D. (2009). Politieke besluitvorming over het Landbouw Ontwikkelingsgebied Witveldweg in de gemeente Horst aan de Maas, WUR.

Termeer, C.J.A.M., Breeman, G.E., Van Lieshout, M. & Pot, W.D. (2010). ‘Why more knowledge could thwart democracy configurations and fixations in the Dutch mega stables debate’, In: In 't Veld, R.J. (Ed) Knowledge democracy (pp 99-111), Springer.

Rondeel, research project on risks of Dutch mega stable debate for new hens farming system

Pot, W.D. & Termeer, C.J.A.M. (2010). Op eieren lopen? De grillige dynamiek van de maatschappelijke aandacht voor innovatieve veehouderijsystemen in kaart gebracht, WUR.


Masterscriptie- en stagebegeleiding

PAP-20806: Bestuurskunde en Omgevingsrecht

PAP-10306: Inleiding Bestuurskunde

YSS-10906 analyse van een probleemveld

  • LUP-50806 - Managing Public Space: Governance
  • PAP-20806 - Public Administration and Environmental Law
  • PAP-50803 - Capita Selecta Public Administration and Policy
  • PAP-50804 - Capita Selecta Public Administration and Policy
  • PAP-50806 - Capita Selecta Public Administration and Policy
  • PAP-80324 - MSc Thesis Public Administration and Policy
  • YSS-10906 - Analysis of a Problem Situation
  • YSS-38406 - Research and Design for Inclusive Transformative Sustainability Governance
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