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Ingrid Coninx is policy and stakeholder engagement expert, specialised in climate adaptation at Wageningen Environmental Research. She holds a Phd. in social sciences. At Wageningen Environmental Research, she supervises a team on researchers on climate adaptation. Ingrid is supporting governments and public-private partnerships at all levels to take steps in climate adaptation: making adaptation plans, design interventions, support implementation, organise learning, evaluation and capacity building. She works both on climate smart agriculture and on climate proof cities and regions. In the past 13 years, Ingrid has extended her geographical focus from Belgium and Netherlands up to the European level and to Africa, mainly Kenya and Ethiopia. She collaborated mainly in interdisciplinary teams, contributed with her expertise to over 80 reports and 11 scientific articles and has contributed to policy and practice dialogues via over 100 workshops and presentations.

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  • PLACARD - - H2020 project to set up a platform to share knowledge and enhance collaboration between climate change adaptation & disaster risk reduction research, policy and practice communities.
  • 3R Kenya - - This project is financed by the Dutch embassy in Kenya and aims to collect, validate and discuss evidence on market-led approaches that play a role in the transition from aid to trade.
  • CSA Booster - - Climate Smart Agriculture Booster is a Climate KIC financed platform that aims to support the transition towards climate smart agriculture in Europe. The Dutch service hub has been designed to provide climate services to make sure the Dutch transition towards CSA is speed up and supported as much as possible.
  • Climate Portal Flanders - - local authorities have difficulties to get access to climate information and to make use of it in their policy practice. The Climate Portal Flanders aims to bring the fragmented knowledge together in an easy to access and to understand way. WENR has developed the website that is now actively used by Flemish local authorities to design adaptation plans.
  • REALISE – Realising Sustainable Agriculture Livelihood Security in Ethiopia – this project is funded by the Dutch embassy in Ethiopia and aims to improve the livelihood of the very poor farmers in Ethiopia, by improving their resilience towards droughts, floods, pests and diseases.
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