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Creating a climate resilient society

A society that is capable of coping with climate change? I believe this is possible. With the best available science and experiences from all over the world, societies are able to design ways of living with climate change. Policymakers play an important role in creating a setting that enables people and businesses to adapt.

Policy and engagement for climate adaptation: my expertise

I am a senior expert in policy and engagement in climate change adaptation and I contribute to this societal transformation. I support policymakers from local to international levels to develop effective climate adaptation policies. I assist in engaging people to change behaviour and take action. I facilitate dialogue between science, policy and practice for better understanding of climate vulnerability and to design climate solutions.

Passionately curious about intercultural differences 

While working in different countries in Europe, East-Africa and in Australia, I learned that culture, values and perceptions affect how people cope with weather extremes and environmental degradation. Local context largely determines which adaptation measures are likely to be implemented. These social mechanisms were deeply explored during my PhD research on Flood Policy in Flanders (Belgium).

Social mechanisms for more effective policies

I believe that adaptation policy would be much more effective when culture, societal values and perceptions are integrated in policy development and implementation. Aligning adaptation to people’s views on the future and what really matters to them would encourage much more climate action. Therefore, a key ingredient in my approach is to incorporate these social mechanisms when I engage with stakeholders. While making use of the most recent scientific findings on collective action, I create a sphere of trust and support stakeholders to develop their joint perspective on a prosperous future where climate change is no longer a problem. 

My work in climate adaptation   

Currently, I am developing new governance models for regional drought management, next generation EU and national adaptation policies that are aligned with disaster risk reduction policies, climate investments for food security, climate service development, and engagement people for nature-based solutions and climate action

I am also part of review panels of Adaptation Futures Conference and research programmes like JPI Climate, Belgian Science Policy and One Planet Fellowship. As projectmanager, I am certified with the IPMA label. 

Curious to know more about my work? You can access it here

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Policy and Governance

  • KLIMAP - we are setting up living labs to develop new governance models and farming practices to deal with climate induced drought.
  • European Topic Centre - Climate Change Adaptation - Preparation of the 2020 report on Governance of local climate adaptation.
  • 3R Kenya – Analysis and recommendations for food security programmes in Kenya to support the agrifood sector transformation in the transition era from aid to inclusive aid and trade.


Climate services and science-policy-practice dialogues

  • SINCERE strengthens open international climate change research and innovation cooperation involving European partners in support of the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, including in the broader context of the Sendai Framework for Disaster reduction and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • PLACARD - H2020 project to set up a platform to share knowledge and enhance collaboration between climate change adaptation & disaster risk reduction research, policy and practice communities.
  • Flanders Climate Portal - local authorities have difficulties to get access to climate information and to make use of it in their policy practice. The Climate Portal Flanders aims to bring the fragmented knowledge together in an easy to access and to understand way. WENR has developed the website that is now actively used by Flemish local authorities to design adaptation plans.
  • Climate portal Les Wallons s’adaptent: contribution to the development of the Wallonia Climate adaptation portal.  



  • BENEFIT-REALISE – Realising Sustainable Agriculture Livelihood Security in Ethiopia – we engage with very poor PSNP farmers in Ethiopia by improving their resilience towards droughts, floods, pests and diseases.
  • BERST – Cross regional engagement via Community of Practice to design the regional bioeconomy.
  • GIFT-T – project to design an engagement strategy to encourage people to get involved in green infrastructure development.
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