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I am fascinated by the functioning of the natural environment, in particular by sediment dynamics in catchments. I am soil scientist and geomorphologist by training. I have explicitly worked on various timescales, ranging from days to millennia, identifying time-scale gaps between processes and their effects.

Hydrological and sediment connectivity is an emerging subject in geosciences that I work on; it is the number and length of water and sediment pathways, from source to sink, in a landscape. I am particularly interested in how connectivity changes over time and space.

Ecogeomorphology is a subject that I have started working on recently. For example in so-called ‘tigerbush’ ecosystems, that feature a banded or patchy pattern of vegetation and bare soil patches, feedbacks between vegetation, soil, hydrology and geomorphology are important; understanding these feedback is crucial for sustainable ecosystem management.

Finally, I work on land degradation processes, or, the more positive side of the coin, sustainable land use through soil and water conservation (SWC) measures and novel landscape design, for example incorporating (dis)connectivity in the landscape.

I use a range of methods, including field investigation, laboratory tests and modelling. I am experienced in the event-based soil erosion model OpenLISEM as well as in landscape evolution model LAPSUS, to which I added fluvial processes and, recently, a dynamic vegetation module.

I have extensive research experience in dryland areas such as (South-East) Spain, but also in Ethiopia and China. Furthermore, I enjoy cooperating with researchers worldwide, as well as discussing my research at international meetings and conferences.

Keywords: erosion, connectivity, (eco)geomorphology, modelling, sediment dynamics, landscapes,  sustainable landscape design


I am mainly involved in courses of the programme ‘International Land and Water Management’ (BIL and MIL), while I have also assisted in teaching for the programme ‘Earth and Environment’ (BBW and MEE) in the past. Both Master programmes are rates as ‘top-quality programmes’. The master ‘International land and water management’ ranked first on this list. My teaching qualities are highly appreciated (overall score 4.4 out of 5 from student evaluations).

Courses I am involved in:
SLM10306: Land degradation and remediation. Introductory 2nd years BSc course.
SLM31806: Erosion processes and modelling. In-depth 2nd years MSc course
- SLM11806: Design in Land & water management 1. Guest lecture on erosion forms and processes
- WRM-60309: Sustainable Land and Water Management in Spain. 1st year MSc course; intensive research practical in Spain

I am coordinator of the minor ‘International Land and Water Management’

Finally, I supervise several BSc and MSc students with their theses and internship, mostly to universities, institutes or projects abroad. Several MSc thesis projects have already resulted in publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

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  • SLM-10306 - Land Degradation and Remediation
  • SLM-10806 - Design in Land and Water Management 1
  • SLM-31306 - Fundamentals of Land Management
  • SLM-31806 - Erosion Processes and Modelling
  • WRM-32306 - Research Approaches to Land and Water Management
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