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Nameprof.dr. JM Bloemhof-Ruwaard

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DescriptionEmeritus professor (Guest Professor)
OrganizationDepartment of Social Sciences
Organization UnitOperations Research and Logistics
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    Jun 2017 - Present


Jacqueline Bloemhof had to finish her position as full professor as of 1 oktober 2019 due to illness. Before her farewell she was chair of the ORL group (since 2016) and full professor (since 2014). She stays connected to the Operations Research and Logistics Group as emeritus (guest) professor.

She is still committed to the field of Sustainable Supply Chains, Closed Loop Supply Chains, and the Circular Biobased Economy. Apart from that, the love for mathematical optimisation models will always remain.

Her farewell speech can be read here:  Closing the loop: a never ending story

Farewell lecture 5 september 2019: Closing the loop: a never ending story

Inaugural lecture january 8, 2015: Sustainable Logistics Management; From Castle on the Cloud to Cathedral

Expert Profile
  • optimization
  • network models
  • pareto curve

Key publications
Publication lists


Current projects:

  1. TIFN: Valorisation of by-products in food industry:
  2. ISPT: Conceptual Process Synthesis towards the agro chain
  3. NWO: CAPSLOG: Capitalizing collaboration for sustainable logistics in fresh chains
  4. TKI IFLOW project:
  5. EU-Susfans:
  6. EU-Refresh:
  7. NWO: Greendish


Past projects:

  1. SALSA: knowledge based sustainable value added food chains :
  2. TIFN: Collection of plastic packaging waste: www.tifn/SD001
  3. SCALE ; Step change in Agri-food Logistics Ecosystems:



Collegereeks Logistiek Management; Logistiek Academy, Nijenrode Business Universiteit

Duurzame Logistiek November 2015


Students (BSc and MSc) can participate in the research projects on sustainable logistics management.

In the MME master I teach in the courses Advanced Supply Chain Management  and Operations Research and Logistics.

In the MFT master I teach in the course Sustainability in Food Chains.

In the Bachelor Minor Bio Transitions I teach in the courses Biobased Economy and Biobased Logistics

Betrokken bij de volgende vakken:

MME (Master Management & Economie)

ORL-31306: Advanced Supply Chain Management:

ORL-30806: Operations Research and Logistiics;

Bachelor Minor: Biobased Transition:

BCH-51306: Biobased Economy:

ORL-51306; Biobased Logistics:

MFT: (Master Food Technology)

FPE-31806: Sustainability of Food Chains:




  • ORL-79324 - MSc Research Practice Operations Research and Logistics
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