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OmschrijvingDocent, Research Methodology
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OrganisatieeenheidWiskundige en Statistische Methoden - Biometris
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Primary research: Qualitative research often requires customised operationalisation of fieldwork and analysis methods appropriate for each intersection of theory, question and context. I support the development and testing of these qualitative fieldwork and analysis methods. My own background is in international development studies and I have a particular interest in supporting research on difficult questions that need interdisciplinary study in very complicated places.

Systematic(ish) review: There is a great deal of interest in using systematic review to identify evidence arising from interdisciplinary research undertaken within the socio-ecological systems implicated in climate change (SES-CC). Research in SES-CC is heterogenous in ways that frustrate simple transplant of systematic review. Over the last few years, I have been working with a few peers to carefully test each of the steps required for the use of review within interdisciplinary study of socio-ecological systems. My own interest is in the uses of systematic(ish) approaches for the study of qualitative questions, such as 'what conceptual models are used', 'what methods are used' and 'what is the diversity of evidence produced' as these must be solved before it is possible to move to the question  'what is known'. Providing this evidence will require cooperation and support from across the university as the quality of each study must be tested by subject-matter competent scholars and these studies are very diverse.



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I am in the early stages of building a center to review evidence arising from interdisciplinary research on the interaction between socio-ecological systems implicated in climate change.


I specialize in qualitative methods.

In addition to first year MSc courses on research methodology in the social sciences, I co-teach an advanced MSc course and a PhD seminar on the analysis of qualitative data, a PhD course in field methods, a MSc course on field methods in (post-)conflict spaces, a PhD course on systematic reviews in the social sciences, a PhD course on proposal development and MSc level modules on the design of interviews and questionnaires.

  • ETE-25812 - Environmental Project Studies
  • GEO-56806 - Advanced Qualitative Research Design and Data Collection Methods
  • GEO-59306 - Responsibilities for Equality and Sustainability
  • MAT-50806 - Qualitative Data Analysis Methods
  • SDC-51306 - Fieldwork in Conflict Environments
  • YRM-20306 - Research Methodology in Environmental Science
  • YRM-30806 - Research Methods and Data Analysis in Communication and Health
  • YRM-31306 - Interviews and Questionnaires: design and analysis
  • YRM-65100 - Interviewing Techniques
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