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I am a human geographer with strong interests in cultural and political theory presently Professor and Head of the Cultural Geography chair group at Wageningen University. My main research projects have focused on the geographies of tourism and travel and the spatial theories of modernity, including conceptualizations of landscape, place and power. I have also written extensively on the relationship between space and biopolitics, with a particular focus on the work of philosopher Giorgio Agamben and legal theorist Carl Schmitt. In empirical terms, my most significant work has been on Trieste (cosmopolitanism, border thinking, geographies of absence), Morocco (postcolonial geographies of travel) and the Mediterranean more broadly. After exploring together with Paolo Giaccaria the geo-biopolitics of the Third Reich, I have now moved to a new project concerning The Geographies of the Camp in Europe, particularly focused on the spatialities of contemporary refugee camps in Northern Italy.

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Research projects in progress

2016 - present The Camp

Recent research projects

2011 - 2015 Moroccan Dreams: Project Leader, with Lauren Wagner, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

2011 - 2015 Critical Theories of Travel and Landscape: Project Leader, with Tim Oakes, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

2011 - 2015 Geopolitics and Biopolitics: Project Leader, with Paolo Giaccaria, University of Turin, Italy

2012 - 2014 Biopolitics, Governmentalities and Emotional Geographies of Historical Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam: Co-investigator, PI Chin Ee Ong, Wageningen University, the Netherlands


Doctoral Supervision

Recently Completed

Maartje Bulkens, The Verbalisation of Cultural Landscapes: Research into the Multiple Meanings of Cultural Landscapes in the Netherlands, and How These Are Expressed in Language, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2009 - 2014



Iulian Barba Lata, Dis-locating Innovation: Studying the Spatiotemporal Conditions of Innovation in Floating Practices, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2011 - present

Radhika Borde, Indigenous Land and the Politics of Voice: The Strategic Representation of Indigeneity, in Activism against Land Acquisition by Mining Companies, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2011 - present

Chih-Chen Trista Lin, Girls and Young Mothers as Beneficiaries and Aspirants in Social Projects Linked to Volunteering and Tourism, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2013 - present   

Peter Kruizinga, Coastal Tourism in Zealand, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2013 - present

Zulkhairi Azizi Zainal Abidin, Human Perception on Wildlife Conservation and Management, 2014 - present

Alexandra Rijke, Wall Spatialities: The Daily Geographies of the Wall in Israel/Palestine, 2015 - present

Rodrigo Alves Rolo, The Spaitial Organization of Production in Colonia 25 de Mayo (La Pampa, Argentina). Actor, Conflicts, Tendencies and Perspectives on Land Use Change, 2015 - present

Pieternel Cremers, I Am Going on Holiday and I Am Taking with Me...My Disability: A Study into the Added Value of Holidays and Leisure Activities for Both People with Disabilities as well as the Tourism Industry in The Netherlands, 2015 - present

Eugenie van Heijgen, Hunting Landscapes: A Situated Multispecies Approach to the Past, Present, and Future of Hunting in the Netherlands, 2016 - present

Femke Groenevel, Ecotourism and National Identity in Lebanon, 2016 - present

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