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VIMINE Project (2013-2017)

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The LIFE VIMINE project aims to define and implement an integrated approach to the protection of salt marshes from erosion and landscape management in the northern part of the Venice Lagoon. These unique habitats are rapidly disappearing due to both natural processes and human impacts of various kinds. In LIFE VIMINE we realize micro low-impact bioengineering works to protect few critical eroding spots on the salt marshes borders. Besides this practical purpose, the most important value of LIFE VIMINE is the involvement of local communities and stakeholders in the project activities.

Our main tasks in VIMINE

  • identification, quantification and valuation of ecosystem services provided by salt marshes in the lagoon of Venice
  • assess how these ecosystem services change under different management scenarios
  • a special focus is on understanding the cultural ecosystem services provided by salt marshes and their social values


VECTORS Project (2011-2015)

For details visit the project website

As the ability of societies to exploit marine resources expands and evolves, the pressures we exert on the marine environment are increasing and diversifying. These pressures are driving new and challenging changes in marine ecosystems that are compounded by environmental influences, including climate change. Key changes of concern are: species outbreaks, invasive The VECTORS project (VECTORS of Change in European Marine Ecosystems and their Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts) has developed integrated, multidisciplinary research-based understanding of these changes, the mechanisms for them and the ecological and socio-economic impacts expected from them.

Our main tasks in VECTORS

  • Classification of ecosystem services and the identification of indicators of ecosystem services, ecosystem processes and corresponding ecosystem benefits for the Dogger Bank
  • assessment of ecosystem service changes in the North Sea (Dogger Bank)
  • Integrate different methods for assessing ecosystem services


ODEMM Project: Options for Delivering Ecosystem-based Marine Management (2010-2014)

For details visit the project website

ODEMM focuses on the structure, tools and resources required to choose and evaluate marine management options that are based on the principles of Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM). The approach proposed is one which can translate policy driver objectives to an operational process of creating, appraising and choosing management options to inform decision makers.

Our main tasks in ODEMM

  • develop a consistent typology of marine ecosystem services
  • assessment of changes in ecosystem service provision under different marine management options
  • apply approaches developed to four different case studies: Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Northeast Atlantic and Baltic Sea

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