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  • Associate Professors' Sounding Board - LNVH
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Meghann Ormond (PhD in Geog., Univ. of St Andrews, UK, 2011; PgDip in Geog., Univ. of Lisbon, Portugal, 2005; BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Geog., Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, USA, 2002) is Associate Professor in Cultural Geography.

As a cultural geographer, an immigrant and someone fascinated by the transformative potential of travel, Meghann is deeply invested in and concerned with how differently-mobile people's roots, rights and vulnerabilities are recognised and included in the places they visit and in which they live. Her research focuses mainly on how shifting visions and practices of citizenship and belonging transform transnational mobility, health and care relationships. For more information about her research lines, publications and her teaching and supervision at Wageningen University, visit: She can also be found on Research Gate and  

Meghann is co-coordinator of the CSPS Transformative Learning Hub at WUR, Roots Guide curator and scientific coordinator, Expatriate Archive Centre trustee, and LNVH Associate Professor Sounding Board member. She is deputy editor of Globalization and Health and on the editorial board of Current Issues in Tourism.

Meghann is open to supervising students on the following topics:

  • migration and migrant heritage-making
  • tourism-migration nexus
  • transformative and experiential learning 
  • travel as a tool for global citizenship education
  • localhood and politics of presence
  • international medical travel

Students interested in doing a thesis on one of these themes are invited to contact her by email (meghann.ormond [@]] with a CV and short project proposal.

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Meghann Ormond focuses on how shifting visions and practices of citizenship and belonging transform transnational mobility, health and care relationships. Her work is situated at the intersections of migration studies, health and social geographies, disability studies, social gerontology and tourism studies. It is concerned with post-national, relational conceptualisations of care, responsibility and interdependence, and the governance of these. 

Main research lines:

1) Transnational healthcare: How are the medical and long-term care needs of different transnationally-mobile populations being supported and met in an era of intensified global mobility? Check out 

2) Migrant heritage: How are the experiences of transnationally-mobile people included and represented in the places in which they live and have lived? Check out 

3) Disability and travel: How do ageing, chronic illness and disability impact travel and recreational experiences and offerings? Check out 



Meghann Ormond is interested in supervising MSc and PhD students in the following areas:

  • transnational health and social care 
  • migrant heritage practices
  • genealogy and recreational genomics
  • disability and accessible tourism
  • foodways and tourism

Those interested in developing projects related to these themes are invited to contact her by email ( with a CV and short proposal describing the desired research project.


Current PhD supervision:

- Trista Lin (Chih-Chen): Beneficiaries of social projects involving international volunteers in Peru

- Tom Rowe: Solastalgia, climate change and mobilities




  • GEO-30306 - Concepts & Approaches to Tourism Society and Environment
  • GEO-56806 - Advanced Qualitative Research Design and Data Collection Methods
  • GEO-70424 - MSc Internship Cultural Geography
  • GEO-79324 - MSc Research Practice Cultural Geography
  • HSO-10306 - Global Health
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