Naam IB Benedict PhD

OmschrijvingDocent & onderzoeker
OrganisatieDepartement Omgevingswetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidMeteorologie en Luchtkwaliteit
Reguliere werkdagen
Ma Di Wo Do Vr


I am a lecturer and researcher working in the field of hydrometeorology.

As a researcher I study the atmospheric water balance, both extreme cases such as floods and drought, but also changes in the seasonal cycle towards the future. To do so, I analyse global climate model output, and I make use of moisture tracking algorithms to study how moisture travelled through the atmosphere (from evaporation to precipitation, or back in time from precipitation to evaporation).

I am currently involved in the development of the atmospheric moisture tracking tool WAM-2layers. The code can be found on GitHub: WAM2layersTeam (

Besides, I contribute to the EU Horizon 2020 nextGEMS project (nextGEMS | Next Generation Earth Modelling Systems (, where two global climate models are run globally at kilometer-scale resolution. Within this project, I study the impact of increased spatial resolution on simulating the water cycle over land.

Regarding education, I coordinate the second year BSc course Meteorology & Climate and the third year BSc course Atmospheric Practical. Both courses are part of the bachelor’s program Soil, Water, Atmosphere. Furthermore, I am the contact person related to questions on education in the field of meteorology.

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Ik coordineer het tweedejaars bachelor vak Meteorologie en Klimaat en het derdejaars optionele bachelorsvak Atmospheric Practical. Daarnaast geef ik een gast college in het Inleiding Atmosfeer vak, en assisteer ik bij het master vak Atmospheric Dynamics. Ik ben ook de contact persoon voor onderwijs gerelateerde vragen in het veld van meteorologie.

  • MAQ-21806 - Meteorology and Climate
  • MAQ-30306 - Atmospheric Practical
  • MAQ-32806 - Atmospheric Dynamics
  • MAQ-70724 - MSc Internship Meteorology
  • MAQ-70824 - MSc Internship Meteorology
  • MAQ-71224 - MSc Internship Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry
  • MAQ-71324 - MSc Internship Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry
  • MAQ-78324 - MSc Research Practice Meteorology
  • MAQ-78424 - MSc Research Practice Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry
  • MAQ-79324 - MSc Research Practice Meteorology
  • MAQ-79424 - MSc Research Practice Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry
  • MAQ-80824 - MSc Thesis Meteorology
  • MAQ-80836 - MSc Thesis Meteorology
  • MAQ-81324 - MSc Thesis Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry
  • MAQ-81336 - MSc Thesis Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry
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