Naam GJ Wierda MSc

OmschrijvingExterne medewerker
OrganisatieDepartement Agrotechnologie en Voedingswetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidBiobased Chemistry and Technology
OrganisatieDepartement Agrotechnologie en Voedingswetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidBiobased Chemistry and Technology


Real time monitoring of reactions with micro NMR spectroscopy



Background and goal of project
Inside a plug flow reactor concentrations of products and reactants change as function of the position along the reactor due to conversion. In my project I will study the chemical composition of a reaction mixture as function of position in a wall-coated heterogeneous catalytic reactor by using NMR spectroscopy. Insights in how the conditions influence catalyst performance inside the reactor are anticipated.


Fused silica tubes were coated with AlO(OH) on which nanosized Pt particles were deposited. The hydrogenation of mesityl oxide (MO) to methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) at mild temperatures is used as first show case. In a later stage a solid base catalyst will be added to also make MO by the self-condensation (and dehydration) of acetone.



Highlight of the past year
- Microreactor set-up preparation and slug-flow tests.
- Batch reactor catalytic tests and reactant characterisation.


Type of student projects envisioned
A student on this project could work with microreactors, using supported metal catalyst nanoparticles. The design, preparation and characterisation of the coated reactor can have unexpected results. Would you work on the frontier of catalysis research in Wageningen? Send an e-mail to



PhD project, Biobased Chemicals and Technology & Bio Nano Technology, at Wageningen University; Real-time monitoring of reactions using micro-NMR spectroscopy in catalyticly functionalised microfluidic channels. Funded by VLAG Graduate School.

MSc Thesis, Bio Nano Technology, at Wageningen University; Handheld Polymerase Chain Reaction with disposable PDMS cells, construction of an Arduino based thermocycler

MSc Internship, Bio Nano Technology, Milko van der Boom laboratory  at Weizmann Institute of Science, (Rehovot, Israel) Aggregation of gold nanoparticles by addition of organic ligands and iron complexes, a comparison of cross-linkers of varying rigidity by spectrometric analysis. 

BSc Thesis, Organic Chemistry, at Wageningen University; Improving disubstituted piperazine for industrial CO2 capture.A model based studie on pKa computation and carbamate stability.


BNT-51306 BioNanoTechnology: Sensors & Devices

BCT-30806 Physical Modelling


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