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Dr. Vincent Blok MBA is Associate Professor in Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics and responsible innovation at the Management Studies Chair Group, and Associate Professor in Philosophy of Management, Technology & Innovation at the Philosophy Chair Group, Wageningen University. From 2002 to 2006, Blok held various management functions in the health care sector. In 2006, he became director of the Louis Bolk Institute, an international research institute in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health care. In 2005 he received his PhD degree in philosophy at Leiden University with a specialization in philosophy of technology.

Together with 10 PhD’s and 1 Post-doc, Blok pursues three lines of research - Business Ethical Issues in Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Philosophy of Management, Technology & Innovation, and Responsible Innovation in the private sector – in several (European) research projects. Blok's work appeared amongst others in Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, Studia Phasenomenologica, and Journal of Responsible Innovation. See for his recent research projects.

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- BSc. Introductie Bedrijfs- en Consumentenwetenschappen

- MSc. Philosophy and Ethics of Management, Economics and Consumer Behavior

- MSc. Business and Society

- MSc. Business and Innovation Ethics

- MSc. Management in the Life Sciences

- PhD. Philosophy of Responsible Innovation



showcase project 1:

NWO research project: Motivations, drivers and barriers for responsible innovation in the Dutch food sector: the influence of a healthy food logo on the innovation agenda for healthy food.

One of the grand challenges of our time can be found in lifestyle related diseases like obesity, heart diseases and Diabetes type 2. Over the years, the food industry increasingly acknowledged their role in the prevention and mitigation of these diseases. In this multidisciplinary project, researchers will collaborate with representatives of a healthy food logo and food companies in the Netherlands in order to identify the motivation of companies to innovate responsibly and to identify and evaluate socio-ethical and economic drivers and barriers to invest and participate in innovations for healthy food. PhD 1 will study the motivations, socio-ethical and economic drivers and barriers of responsible innovation on the food company level, and the role of healthy food logos as a driver for companies to invest in innovations for healthy food. PhD 2 will study the innovation cycle of specific food products on the food product level in order to identify the motivations, drivers and barriers behind particular product improvements. By analysing the innovation cycle of particular food products, we are able to analyse the influence of criteria of healthy food logos on actual product innovations as well as the dynamics behind actual product innovations due to influencing factors. These empirical studies are accompanied by a normative analysis of the idea of industrial responsible innovation to promote public health. We focus on what conception of responsibility for food companies is reasonable, given that many different stakeholders have responsibility (not in the least the consumer themselves) for preventing food-related lifestyle diseases.

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showcase project 2 

NWO research project: Responsible Innovation Practices of Sustainable Entrepreneurs in Making the Transition towards Sustainable Agricultural, Water and Energy Systems

Climate change requires new green technologies and transitions in socio-technical systems. A key leverage points for this transition is found in sustainable entrepreneurs, who establish New Technology Based Firms (NTBF’s) providing innovative solutions. Sustainable innovations are developed and diffused into society through sustainable entrepreneurship. The sustainable innovations provided by NTBFs can be considered responsible innovations (RI) since they address a so-called ‘grand challenges’ of our time, namely climate change.


In this interdisciplinary project, researchers in science and technology studies, sustainable entrepreneurship, life sciences and smart-tech, collaborate with Climate-KIC BV., Europe’s largest innovation partnership, who invests in climate-smart innovations and start-ups. The research will investigate how RI processes can provide opportunities for sustainable entrepreneurs in NTBFs, the influence of technological innovation systems, and if NTBF start-ups are a key leverage point for sustainability transitions. The research will focus on European NTBF start-ups with climate-smart innovations for the agricultural, water and energy sectors, who work with Climate-KIC. Postdoc one will focus on the actor level, whilst postdoc two will focus on the systems level.


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  • CPT-30503 - Data Science Ethics
  • CPT-38306 - Philosophy and Ethics of Management, Economics and Consumer Behaviour
  • CPT-55206 - Philosophical reflection on science, society and the good life - An Introduction
  • CPT-55303 - Current Ethical Controversies
  • CPT-55806 - Introduction in Philosophy
  • ELS-59206 - Responsible Learning Organization for Sustainability
  • YSS-10906 - Analysis of a Problem Situation
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