Naam RM Robbemond MSc

OmschrijvingDLO Onderzoeker
OrganisatieWageningen Economic Research
OrganisatieeenheidDatawetenschap, Informatiemanagement & Projectmanagement Organisatie
Telefoon+31 317 484 732
Mobiel+31 6 10076978
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Meet Robbert Robbemond, a scientific researcher at Wageningen Economic Research whose background in medical biotechnology and innovation has expanded to include process modeling, enterprise architecture, and semantic web technologies. Robbert's diverse expertise allows him to bridge the gap between scientific disciplines, playing a key role in the development of IT infrastructure and software tools that support researchers in the core of their research processes. He does so in a plethora of projects ranging from public to private and from internal to international.


Robbert is driven by a passion for using technology to drive innovation in a way that respects and improves the natural environment that humanity relies on. He recognizes that research in isolation will not solve the wicked problems that we face as a species, and that interdisciplinary approaches are required. Bridging the gap between different scientific disciplines and fostering collaboration, Robbert is able to translate the diverse requirements of stakeholders into solutions they can embrace. Through his work, Robbert ensures that researchers have access to the latest tools and techniques to adhere to the motto of Wageningen University and Research, "exploring the potential of nature to improve the quality of life."


Robbert's contributions include the development of the Adagio data warehouse solution and the Consumer Data Platform, both of which provide comprehensive support for researchers throughout the research process. By staying up to date with emerging technologies, Robbert is able to help ensure that scientists at Wageningen Economic Research have access to the latest tools and techniques.


Through his commitment to supporting scientific research and his dedication to creating a sustainable future, Robbert embodies the values of Wageningen Economic Research's motto.


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