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OrganizationDepartment of Environmental Sciences
Organization UnitForest Ecology and Forest Management
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Ancillary activities
  • Lid adviesraad - Form International
    Oct 2019 - Oct 2022

    De adviesraad van Form \adviseert de directie van Form over de te volgen strategie.

  • Board member of Foundation Chair Prince Bernhard, Utrecht - Stichting Leerstoel Prins Bernhard
    Jan 2012 - Present

    Governance, organization and selection of candidates for the special chair on nature conservation at Utrecht University

  • Associate Editor Journal of Ecology - British Ecological Society
    Jan 2011 - Present

    Beoordelen manuscripten ingediend bij Journal of Ecology, reviews van die manuscripten en voorstellen van besluit over acceptatie van manuscripten.


Tropical forest landscapes have changed dramatically over the last few decades. Forest conversion to agricultural fields has caused deforestation and forest fragmentation. A large share of the remaining forests are exploited for timber and non-timber forest products. In addition, tropical forests are also experiencing the effects of climatic and atmospheric change: rising temperature, nutrient deposition and increased atmospheric CO2 levels. Climatic changes predicted for the coming decades will greatly alter growing conditions of tropical forests and likely influence tree growth and forest dynamics.  

In my  research I evaluate how tropical forests will respond to these global changes, and how these changes affect their ecosystem services and conservation values. Specifically, I study the effects of exploitation, fragmentation and climate change on tree and forest ecology . I also teach about these topics and contribute to capacity building.


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My research projects deal with sustainable forest management and effects of forest fragmentation and climate change on tropical forests. The most important projects are described below.


I give lectures on the ecology and management of tropical forests, and on the effects of climate change on these forests. Among others I teach in the courses: Forest Resources, Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation, Agroforestry en Restoration Ecology. I am also coach and lecturer in the BSc Honours Program. From the Academic year 2015-2016 onwards, I'm coordinating the new course Resource Dynamics and Sustainable Utilization.

I also teach courses abroad on sustainable forest management, forest ecology and modelling.


  • FEM-22306 - Forest Resources
  • FEM-30806 - Resource Dynamics and Sustainable Utilization
  • FEM-50302 - Capita Selecta Forest Ecology and Forest Management
  • FEM-70224 - MSc Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management
  • FEM-70424 - MSc Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management
  • FEM-70812 - BSc Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management
  • FEM-70818 - BSc Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management
  • FEM-79224 - MSc Research Practice Forest Ecology and Forest Management
  • FEM-79324 - MSc Research Practice Forest Ecology and Forest Management
  • FEM-80424 - MSc Thesis Forest Ecology and Forest Management
  • FEM-80436 - MSc Thesis Forest Ecology and Forest Management
  • PEN-30806 - Restoration Ecology
  • WEC-31306 - Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation
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