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Peter Leffelaar has over 35 years of experience in research and teaching on systems analysis, simulation and soil processes. He received his Ph.D. at Wageningen University in 1987 with the thesis “Dynamics of partial anaerobiosis, denitrification and water in soil: experiments and simulation”. He supervised a research group working on the analysis and modelling of soil biological and plant processes that control the nitrous oxide and methane emissions from agricultural soils in Europe and SE-Asia, and from Dutch wetlands. He currently (2015) supervises PhD students in subjects such as the growth of banana in Uganda, cassava in Togo and the fate of phosphorus in Chinese soils. In previous years subjects were supervised such as the effects of catch crops on nitrogen efficiency, the fate of greenhouse gas emissions from Dutch peat areas, interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobium nodules in soybean in Brazil, organic matter dynamics in rice-wheat systems in India and water use efficiency of rice production in Senegal. He participated in the EU project GEFOS on greenhouse gas emissions from farmed organic soils and was a member of the EU-SEAMLESS consortium.

The research has lead to the development and lecturing of MSc and PhD courses such as "Simulation of Ecological Processes", “Modelling Biological Systems”, "Crop Ecology", "Models for Forest and Nature Conservation", "The Art of Modelling" and “The Art of Crop Modelling”.

He supervised over 125 MSc students and about 16 PhD students in subjects related to organic matter dynamics, carbon and nitrogen cycling, greenhouse gas emissions from soils, rooting patterns, transports of nutrients and water through soils, evaluation of land use systems as connected to soil conservation, crop growth of annual crops and perennial crops such as banana and cacao.





Teaching experience in specific countries:

Brazil: Viçosa, Minas Gerais: Course leader and lecturer in the Post academic course “Simulation and systems analysis in growth, production and water use in crops” in cooperation with the University of Viçosa, Brazil.

India: 1974-1975; MSc research and some lectures.

The Netherlands: lectured in 5 Post academic courses, and in 9 PhD courses.

Belgium: lectured in 2 Post academic courses.

Hungary: lectured in 1 Post academic course.

Italy: lectured in a series of 4 Post academic courses in four consecutive years.

Spain: lectured in 1 Post academic course.

These courses were addressing crop growth, crop protection, forestry and competition between crops. All courses were based on the systems analysis approach, of which the principles were taught as well.


Professional Teaching Record:

I have developed BSc and MSc courses and gave series of lectures in subjects such as Simulation of ecological processes, Agro-ecology, The greenhouse effect and climate change, Sys­tems a­na­lysis and simulation, Crop Ecology, Quantitative Aspects of Crop Growth, Modelling Biological Systems, Models for Forest and Nature Conservation and Models for Ecological Systems. Furthermore, I (partly) developed and lectured in 23 post academic courses.

Further responsibilities in the development of BSc, MSc and PhD courses were exercised as teaching coordinator of the chair group Plant Production Systems (Formerly Theoretical Production Ecology) up to January 2014, when I partially retired. I coordinated the reprogramming of courses at two major changes in our university in 1988-1989 and in 1998/1999, which comprised such activities as developing new course descriptions, balancing contents between courses, lecture scheduling over the BSc and MSc years in the curriculum, and tuning of contents with stakeholders. I am member of the Study Programme Committee (SPC) of Plant Sciences.

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