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Ancillary activities
  • Member of the Board of Trustees - One World Trust
    Aug 2013 - Present

    UK based charity working to strengthen the accountability |effectiveness of global governance

  • Member of the Board of International Environment Forum - International Environment Forum
    Aug 2011 - Present

    Non paid elected position in NGO exploring the interface between science and values.


Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen holds a PhD from Linköping University, Sweden. She is associate professor with the Public Administration and Policy Group at Wageningen University. She studies the effectiveness and legitimacy of global and multilevel sustainable development governance and the interaction between knowledge, values and institutions in such governance. Sylvia follows in particular the issues of accountability and legitimacy in global climate change institutions, the Sustainable Development Goals and the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

Selected publications:

Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen SI, Groff M, Tamás PA, et al. (2018) Entry into force and then? The Paris agreement and state accountability. Climate Policy 18(5): 593-599.

Groff M and Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen S. (2018) The Rule of Law as a Global Public Good: Exploring Trajectories for Democratizing Global Governance Through Increased Accountability In: Cogolati S and Wouters J (eds) The Commons and a New Global Governance? . Cheltenham: Edward Elgar 130-`159.

Persson Å, Runhaar H, Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen S, et al. (2018) Environmental policy integration: Taking stock of policy practice in different contexts. Environmental Science & Policy 85: 113-115.

Pickering J, McGee J, Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen S, et al. (2018) Global Climate Governance Between Hard and Soft Law: Can the Paris Agreement’s 'Crème Brûlée’ Approach Enhance Ecological Reflexivity? Transnational Environmental Law (0): 1-18.

Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen S, Dahl AL and Persson Å. (2018) The emerging accountability regimes for the Sustainable Development Goals and policy integration: Friend or foe? Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space.

Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen S, Kok MTJ, Visseren-Hamakers IJ, et al. (2017) Mainstreaming biodiversity in economic sectors: An analytical framework. Biological Conservation 201(Part A, June): 145-156.

Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen SI. (2013a) The Role of Principles for Allocating Governance Levels in the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics 13: 441-459.

Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen SI. (2016a) Legitimacy. In: Ansell C and Torfing J (eds) Handbook of Theories of Governance. Edward Elgar 194-204.

Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen SI, Friberg L and Saccenti E. (2016) Read all about it!? Public accountability, fragmented global climate governance and the media. Climate Policy 17(8): 982-997.

Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen SI, Jollands N and Staudt L. (2012) Global Governance for Sustainable Energy: The Contribution of a Global Public Goods Approach. Ecological Economics 83(0): 11-18.

Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen SI and McGee J. (2013) Legitimacy in an Era of Fragmentation: The Case of Global Climate Governance. Global Environmental Politics 13(3): 56-78.

Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen SI and Vihma A. (2009) Comparing the Legitimacy and Effectiveness of Global Hard and Soft Law: An Analytical Framework. Regulation & Governance 3(4): 400-420.


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Publication lists

  • LAW-39206 - Transnational Environmental Law and Regulation
  • PAP-21306 - Global Institutions for Sustainable Development
  • PAP-22306 - Policy, Governance & Law
  • PAP-31306 - Politics, Policy Making and Accountability in International Arenas for Development
  • PAP-50803 - Capita Selecta Public Administration and Policy
  • PAP-50804 - Capita Selecta Public Administration and Policy
  • PAP-50806 - Capita Selecta Public Administration and Policy
  • PAP-80324 - MSc Thesis Public Administration and Policy
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