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Nandika Tsendbazar (PhD) is an assistant professor at the Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing in Wageningen University.

Her research area is in satellite remote sensing based land monitoring. In particular, she works on large scale (e.g., global) land cover and land cover change monitoring, including monitoring wetland and croplands. Her research focus also extends to Earth Observation based SDG monitoring with a focus on land degradation and urban sustainability.

In addition, she has extensive experience in quality and uncertainty assessments of satellite remote sensing based products focusing on statistical map validation, local map uncertainty, fitness for use, and map comparability and harmonization. She developed an operational and multi-purpose validation framework for widely used global land cover maps such as Copernicus Global Land Service Dynamic Land Cover (JRC) and ESA WorldCover, supporting annual land cover validation and land cover change assessments. 

She is involved in coordinating courses such as GRS MSc thesis, Geo-Information Tools GRS20806, GIMA internship. She is also involved in for Geoscripting 33806, Remote Sensing, and GIS Integration GRS-60312 for lecturing and coaching roles.


  • Xu L, Herold M, Tsendbazar N, Masiliunas D, Li L, Lesiv M, Fritz S, Verbesselt J (2022), Time series analysis for global land cover change monitoring: A comparison across sensors, Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 271, 112905
  • Tsendbazar, N., Herold, M., Li, L., Tarko, A., de Bruin, S., Masiliunas, D., Lesiv, M., Fritz, S., Buchhorn, M., Smets, B., Van De Kerchove, R., & Duerauer, M. (2021). Towards operational validation of annual global land cover maps. Remote Sensing of Environment, 266, 112686
  • Tian, Y., Tsendbazar, N.E., van Leeuwen, E., Fensholt, R., & Herold, M. (2022). A global analysis of multifaceted urbanization patterns using Earth Observation data from 1975 to 2015. Landscape and Urban Planning, 219, 104316
  • Xu, P., Herold, M., Tsendbazar, N., & Clevers, J. (2020). Towards a comprehensive and consistent global aquatic land cover characterization framework addressing multiple user needs. Remote Sensing of Environment, 250, 112034
  • Slagter, B., Tsendbazar, N.E., Vollrath, A., & Reiche, J. (2020). Mapping wetland characteristics using temporally dense Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data: A case study in the St. Lucia wetlands, South Africa. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 86, 102009
  • Tsendbazar, N.E., Herold, M., de Bruin, S., Lesiv, M., Fritz, S., Van De Kerchove, R., Buchhorn, M., Duerauer, M., Szantoi, Z., & Pekel, J.F. (2018). Developing and applying a multi-purpose land cover validation dataset for Africa. Remote Sensing of Environment, 219, 298-309


See the current list of publications on Google Scholar or Research Gate.



  • ESA- WorldCover 2019-2022 10m resolution Global Land Cover mapping
  • JRC-CGLOPS- 2016-2020; Global land cover mapping as part of the Copernicus Global Land Service
  • Proba-V MEP-TPS 2017-2018; Proba-V Mission Exploitation Platform—Third Party Services
  • Geocarbon- 2013-2014; Towards and operational global carbon observing system
  • LC-CCI- 2013-2014; Climate change initiative-Land Cover

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