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  • Lid Algemeen Bestuur - Nederlandse Bodemkundige Vereniging (Dutch Soil Association)
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I am a PhD researcher at the Soil Geography and Landscape group of Wageningen University & Research. I have a background in Biology (BSc, 2012), Agro-ecology (MSc, 2016) and Earth & Environment (MSc, 2016). My main interests are Holocene earth surface dynamics and human-landscape interactions throughout (pre)history.

For more information on my PhD project on peatlands please see below.

In addition I am one of the members of the General Board of the Dutch Soil Association (NBV).

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PhD project: Reconstructing spatio-temporal bog developments in the Holocene.

Lateral bog expansion significantly alters the physical landscape and understanding the timing, process rates and spatial dynamics of bog expansion is crucial to develop our understanding of earth surface processes in peatland environments and to analyse patterns in human occupation. However, peat inception and lateral expansion have received remarkably little attention, particularly concerning the former extensive bog landscapes of the Northwest European Plain. In this project I aim (1) to increase understanding of temperate peatland inception and lateral expansion on the process level, (2) to develop high-resolution palaeogeographical reconstructions for selected study sites, and (3) to relate peatland palaeogeography to cultural patterns from prehistory to modern time. The research is embedded in the overarching Home Turf project and will contribute to proactive strategies for the management of cultural heritage in bog landscapes.

This PhD is part of the NWO Vidi project of Dr. Roy van Beek: Home Turf. An integrated approach to the long-term development, cultural connections and heritage management of Dutch raised bogs. For more information please visit


SGL-80812 BSc Thesis Soil, Water, Atmosphere

SGL-80436 MSc Thesis Soil Geography and Landscape

Teaching assistant for:

SGL-23312 Landscape Geography

SGL-22803 Soils and Landscapes of the Netherlands

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