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I myself also followed the BSc Soil, Water, Atmosphere and the MSc Earth and Environment. After completing this, I worked for a number of years as an environmental and climate consultant at various organizations such as Just Diggit, Aveco de Bondt and Nelen en Schuurmans. In addition to being a study advisor, I am also a mindfulness trainer:

You are always welcome to contact me for advice on personal and study related questions. I'm here for you and don't judge. You can rest assured that all submitted issues will be treated confidentially. I can also refer you to the right authorities when necessary.

As a BSW and MEE (future) student, about which subjects and with which questions can you contact me?

Study planning • Course choice • Internship • Exemptions • Minor • Effective study • Illness or special circumstances • Study progress in case of doubts about the study or because of personal problems • Study delay • Binding study advice (BSA) • Dealing with regulations • Mental problems such as stress or performance anxiety

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  • YWU-00300 - Soil, Water, Atmosphere – personal development path
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