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DescriptionResearcher Wageningen Marine Research
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I was born and raised in Rotterdam. At a young age I decided that I wanted 'something with animals'. I was in doubt between biology and veterinary sciences, but after visiting both studies in Utrecht the choice was easily made; biology. Originally I wanted to specialise in animal behaviour, but - after travelling and working with animals abroad - I decided that I wanted to have more impact. I decided to do more with nature conservation, so I applied for the master Forest and Nature Conservation in Wageingen. However, I quickly started missing the ocean, and started a second master: Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. I wrote two theses; one on the effect of elephants on the vegetation and one on the difference between reef fish communicties across different spatial scales. My internship at the North Sea Foundation resulted in a job offer there after my studies. What started out as a temporary position became three years. I loved working there, and learned a lot about project management, nature conservation policy and the North Sea playing field. I was project manager and one of the marine ecologists there, and worked on MPA's, the effects of windfarms and various North Sea Expeditions. Research, however, kept pulling, so I started looking for a research position. I hoped to find something with more field work, biology and data-analysis. I found a job at WMR, where I am now working as a fish ecologist and researcher. Through research I hope to contribute to sustainable fisheries in both fresh and marine environments.

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  • Project management, literature study, proposal writing, data collection, data analysis, ecological statistics, basic ecological modelling in R/Stella, application of ecological theories, text redaction, scientific writing, stereo underwater video analysis, QGIS, Rstudio
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