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Name VJ Ingram PhD MSc

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DescriptionAssistant professor FNP & Senior researcher, Wageningen Economic Research
OrganizationDepartment of Environmental Sciences
Organization UnitForest and Nature Conservation Policy
Phone+237 6 98 52 40 87+31 317 489 476
Mobile+31 6 14615485
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Visiting addressDroevendaalsesteeg 3
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Side activities
  • Advisory Board - FarmGate Foundation
    Dec 2017 - Present

    member of the advisory board of the FarmGate Foundation - a civil society, non profit organisation established to empower and strengthen farmers, especially smallholder cocoa farmers to promote sustainable farming

  • Advisory director - GIC Guiding Hope
    Jun 2010 - Present

    Advisory director to the management committee of a Cameroonian social, ethical small & medium enterprise producing organic certifed honey, wax and other bee products in Central Africa (GIC: Common Iniaitive Group) on certification, sustaianble business models.


Research interests

Verina's research focuses on the social and environmental impacts of the governance of the landscape - value chain nexus. This entails first understanding how value chains of forest and tree-based commodities originating from tropical landscapes are governed by public, private, civil society initiatives, state regulations and customary rules. Secondly, how the interactions between governance arrangements impact livelihoods and the environment, and the extent to which the impacts are sustainable, equitable, inclusive and legitimate. Verina seeks to understand why impacts differ for different people – unravelling the influence of power, product and value chain characteristics and the way that combinations of governance arrangements interact to impact at different scales. The effectiveness and legitimacy of governance arrangements in equitably creating positive and sustainable impacts for all engaged in chains and landscapes embraces broad conservation and development questions. This research contributes to debates reconciling tropical forest conservation and use with poverty, livelihoods and sustainable trade, using participatory and mixed method approaches. Verina focuses on the vulnerable in society, with a geographical focus on tropical humid and dry forested landscapes in Central and West Africa, the Amazon and Indonesia, looking at non-timber products (such as nuts, honey, fruits, leaves and woodfuel) and agricultural tree products (such as cocoa, coffee and palm oil).

With Wageningen Economic Research, Verina works on impact evaluations of agriculutral and forest commodities and their value chains, and the links between food, energy, water, climate  and landuse.

When not teaching, Verina is based at the CIFOR Central African office Yaounde, Cameroon.


  • ISEAL Alliance, invited member Living Income working group since 2014
  • Member of Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade, Workgroup on Sustainable Forestry Indicators since 2013
  • International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC), member since 2010
  • Africa Study Centre Community, University of Leiden, Fellow since 2009
  • Western Highlands Conservation Network, Cameroon, honorary member since 2010
  • Vereniging Tropische Bossen (Tropical Forestry Association), member since 2008
  • Society for Economic Botany, member since 2008
  • Commonwealth Forestry Association, member since 2008
  • International Tropical Timber Organisation, Fellowship Network, member since 2017 


  • Bois et Forêts des Tropiques, Editorial committee, since 2020
  • International Forestry Review, Editorial Board member, since 2014.
  • Fontiers: People and Forests, Review editor, since 2019

Expert Profile
  • Value chain analysis, livelihood (household and community) assessments, market assessment and analysis, environmental and social impact assessment and evaluation, governance of natural resources, forest management and policy, participative and community based forestry
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Key publications
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Sustainable growth and development of the oil palm value chain from Indonesia. Agrinatura VC4D Value Chain for Development  

Promotion of agroforestry for wood & non-wood forest products in Katete district, Eastern Province, Zambia with SNV

Roles of Agroforestry in sustainable intensification of small farMs and food SEcurity for SocIetIes in West Africa (RAMSESII), with IRD

Agroforestry value chains ketens (fruit trees and non timber forest products, including honey) in het Mau Mara Serengeti Sustaianable Water Initiative, Kenya

Impact evaluation of sustainability intitiatves in international value chains

Evaluating the impacts of investments in plantations and agroforestry operations in East Africa

Sustainability of Dutch cocoa and coffee imports: Synergy between practice, policy, strategy and knowledge (BO-27.02-001-001)

Projects by VJ Ingram

Coordination sustainable commodities network in WUR: cocoa

Coordination Memorandum-of-Understanding-Wageningen-CIFOR



Thesis supervision

Verina welcomes students for internships, bachelor thesis and master thesis research. For an overview of possible topics please click here.


Since 2004 Verina has supervised Msc and PhD students from Imperial College London (UK), Wageningen UR (Netherlands), University of Kisangani (DRC), University of Dschang (Cameroon), University of Buea (Cameroon)

PhD supervision


PhD supervisie

Louis Ndumbe(University of Dschang, Environmental Management) ‘The sustainability of the Ricinodendron heudelotii value chain and its contribution to livelihoods in the humid forest zone of Cameroon’ 2014 – 2017. Co-promoter 2014-2018

Andras Tothmihaly  (University of Gottingen, Agricultural Economics) ‘Poverty and sustainability in Indonesian cocoa production’, 2013 – 2017.PhD Cum laude. External counterpart since 2015

Yves Bertrand Soukontoua (Ghent University & Université de Ngoundéré, Tropical Agriculture & Ethnobotany) ‘Bee tree relationships’ 2013 – date. External supervisor sinds 2013

Mohammed Degnet (Wageningen UR, Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy) ‘Impact evaluation of agroforestry operations in East Africa’, 2015 to date. Co-supervisor sinds 2015

Tina Bauer (Wageningen UR, Forest & Nature Conservation Policy), ‘Under a changing climate: Forest communities in the Bolivian Amazon. The role of forest capital in social-ecological systems responding to extreme weather events‘, 2015 to date. Co-supervisor sinds 2015

Do Trong Hoan (Wageningen UR, Forest & Nature Conservation Policy), Market-based and regulatory approaches to governing multifunctional forest landscapes in Vietnam. 2018 to date. Co-supervisor since 2018.

Serge Piabou (Wageningen UR, Forest & Nature Conservation Policy),Community Forest Enterprises (CFEs) as successful social enterprises: Empirical Evidence from Cameroon, 2019 to date. Co-supervisor since 2019.

Pamela Tabi (Wageningen UR, Forest & Nature Conservation Policy),Governance and production systems of wood fuel in the eastern region of Cameroon, 2019 to date. Co-supervisor since 2019.

  • FEM-32306 - Agroforestry
  • FNP-23303 - Forest & Nature Conservation Planning: Theories, Tools and Practices
  • FNP-30306 - Strategic Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation
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