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Alvaro is currently working on his PostDoc at the Laboratory of Geo-Infomation Science and Remote Sensing. His previous project “Combining remote sensing and 3D forest modelling to improve tropical forests monitoring of greenhouse gases emissions – 3DForMod” combined the use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) techniques to derive complex tree parameters and to improve monitoring of forest aboveground biomass. In 2018, he defended his PhD “Assessing biomass and architecture of tropical trees with terrestrial laser scanning” which focused on the potential of TLS to derive tree parameters and how can be linked from local-based estimations to large-scale approaches. Moreover, Alvaro has been actively collecting data with TLS all around the tropics (Peru 2013, Indonesia 2014, Guyana 2014, Ghana 2016, Guyana 2017, and Suriname 2019).

Alvaro holds a master degree in Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing from Wageningen University and has +5 years’ experience working with rural communities and GIS in the Peruvian Andes, for an NGO - IRVG and the Laboratory of Ecology and Pasture Use. His academic interests are related to tropical forest ecology, biomass estimation, plant scaling, and LiDAR-derived parameters. In addition to his academic interests, Alvaro is a passionate cooker, appearing in the Resource Magazine (english/dutch version) and the Cookbook Food for Students. Besides working on his research project, Alvaro actively cooperates with other researchers at WUR. He collaborated with 3D scans for tomato plant during 2014 - 2015, followed up with an interview from BBC Horizon. He also appeared in a CIFOR video (below), during his fieldwork in Indonesia.

Don't hesitate to contact him for further information regarding his work or follow him on social media (links on top of this page).

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2014 - MSc. Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing @ Wageningen University, the Netherlands

2007 - BSc. Animal Science @ Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru.

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