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DescriptionAssociate Professor Land Atmosphere Interactions
OrganizationDepartment of Environmental Sciences
Organization UnitWater Systems and Global Change
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While being educated in biology / landscape ecology at University of Groningen I had already a strong interest in the biophysical and biogeochemical aspects of ecology resulting in MSc theses on Nutrientdynamics in grazed ecosystems and Tropical forest hydrology respectively. Since completing my PhD in micrometeorology, my work converged on the broad concept of land atmosphere interactions: the effects of land cover (change) on climate through regulation of water and carbon fluxes, and vice versa the effects of climate change and variability on hydrology, natural and agricultural ecosystems. I combine both modelling and observational approaches as I strongly believe in the synergistic gains this brings to my reserach.

Thus my personal research mission is to:

Understand Land atmosphere interactions in support of a sustainable (regional) development that exploits the climatological potential and respects climatological constraints.

team site Earth System Sciences

Expert Profile
  • teaching and developing courses earth system sciences
  • supervision PhD and MSc thesis research
  • project management
  • programming and data analyses in MathLab, grADS, R and Fortran
  • earth system modelling, climate impacts assessments, seasonal prediction
  • airborne observations surface fluxes and PBL dynamics water and carbondioxide

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In MSc, post graduate and professional courses I pass on state-of-art research expertise in land-atmosphere interactions and I try to invoke in my students a critical appraisal of Climate Change complexities and uncertainties, while at the same time identifying levers for management options.

Every year I teach 3 MSc level courses:

Global Biogeochemical Cycles ESS31806

Earth System Modelling ESS32306

Design of Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies ESS60309

I organised several PhD level summerschools:

Greenhouse gas emissions from rural activities: monitoring, reporting and verification in 2010.

Coping with Climate Change in Integrated Watershed Management in 2008.

I lectured in  more post graduate summer schools:

First Climate Services Masterclass Energy Tourism and Agriculture in a changing climate in 2015.

Water resources and the Water Cycle in a Changing World in 2011.

Carbon Exchange at the Regional Scale in 2006.

I teach regularly in professional courses:

Servicios Climáticos para el Sector Cafetero in 2015

Climate Change Governance annually

  • MAQ-35806 - Earth System Modelling
  • SOC-36306 - Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate Change Mitigation
  • WSG-20306 - Climate Change studies topics and approaches
  • WSG-35806 - Climate Smart Agriculture
  • WSG-52306 - Disaster Risk Management and Nature Based Solutions
  • WSG-60812 - Design of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies
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