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Name PJM Oosterveer

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DescriptionExterne medewerker
OrganizationDepartment of Social Sciences
Organization UnitEnvironmental Policy
Ancillary activities
  • Member of the Editorial Board - Journal of Oil Palm Research
    Aug 2020 - Present

    Supervising the overall policy of the journal and offering specific advice when needed. Occasional reviews

  • Member of the Editorial Board - Journal ‘Environmental Sociology’,
    Sep 2014 - Present

    Supervising the general publication strategy of the journal and occasional support through reviews.


Peter Oosterveer received his PhD in 2005 at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. His research and teaching is in the field of globalization and sustainability of food production and consumption. His interests are in particular on global public and private governance of food towards sustainability, including labeling and certification of food.

Increasing globalistaion of food raises difficult challenges in promoting sustainability as distances between producers and consumers are increasing and supply chains are becoming more complex. Conventional national government-based regulation is no longer sufficient and therefore the roles of private and civil society based actors are becoming more important. My research is focusing on these shifts and their consequences for the organisation of the supply chain and the roles of different social actors therein. 

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  • CPT-57302 - Food Security and Sustainability: Food Access
  • ENP-80424 - MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
  • SDC-32806 - Sociology in Development: Towards a Critical Perspective
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